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In itself it is none of them - it is just a number.

However if some units are attached, it can be any of them:

If its units are a linear measure, eg 472 m, it is a length

If its units are a square measure, eg 472 sq cm, it is an area

If its units are a weight measure, eg 472 kg, it is mass

If its units are a time measure, eg 472 seconds, it is time

If its units are a temperature measure, eg 472 K, it is temperature.

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Would 35 be length area volume mass time or temperature?

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Q: Would 472 be length area volume mass time or temperature?
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What can be measured in the metric system?

Weight, length, temperature, volume, land area.

Which is not a unit of measurment in the metric system?

Length. Weight. Volume. Area. Temperature.

472 kg is that length area volume mass time or temperature?


How to Converting volume to surface area?

Volume=area * length of that surface

A roadway has a volume of 750 cubic meters and an area of 15 square meters What is it's length?

Volume = Area*Length so Length = Volume/Area = 750/15 = 50 metres

What is the area and volume for rectangle?

a rectangle is 2-dimensional. basically, it's flat. it doesn't have volume. the area is length times width. if it was a rectangular prism, the volume would be length times width times height.

How do you find volume of a percentage?

A percentage is a pure, dimensionless number. It has neither length, nor area, volume, mass, temperature or any other dimension.

What is the SI unit for length area and volume?

SI unit for length area and volume are as follows . SI unit for length is meter . SI unit for area is sq .m SI unit for volume is cubic m

How do you figure volume of a square area?

If it is a "square" area then you won't be looking for volume. However, if you are looking for the volume of a rectangular prism, it is simply: Width * Length * Height = Volume This simplifies to Length ^ 3 if you are trying to find the volume of a cube. If you are looking for the volume a square area takes depending on it's height, you can just take the area and multiply it by the height as well. (Width * Length) = Area (Width * Length) * Height = Volume Therefore: Area * Height = Volume

Is the question the amount of water in a lake length area surface area or volume?


How do you measure a prism?

The answer depends on what characteristic you wish to measure: its length, base area, volume, mass, density, optical density, temperature, and so on.

What is the formulla of determining the volume of an object?

Length X width X height= volume Or Cross sectional area X length= volume (Cross sectional area= area of a face if the object)

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