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Q: Why the probability of getting hurt is more when a man jumps from significant heidht?
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What is the probability of your parachute failing?

It depends on how well you pack it, how good a condition it is in, and on how correctly you use it. In practice, the probability is very low. About one in every 100,000 jumps in the US results in a fatality, a probability of about 0.00001, but that's not just due to parachute failure. One unconfirmed estimate is that one in a thousand (0.001) main chute deployments result in a malfunction, but it is true that very few of those result in a fatality, primarily because there is a reserve chute that is maintained and packed under different, more stringent, requirements.

When a skydiver jumps from an airplane the distance d in feet the diver falls in t seconds before opening the parachute is given by the formula Test Image. The formula assumes that there is no air res?

If d = 16*t^2 then there is no significant air resistance.

What does the word taylor mean?

a crazy boy who jumps around

Why are adverbs effective?

It modifies or qualifies and adjective or a phrase jumps swiftly

What is the probability of landing on a number that is greater than 15?

It depends on the scenario. If you are at 16 and there are no backward moves, the answer is 0. If you are at 8 (or less), move according to 1 die and there are no jumps, again, the answer is 0.The answer depends on:whether or not there are backward moves, jumpshow many counter are in usehow many numbers in each counterhow the numbers on the counter(s) are applied to moves.In summary, there is hopelessly insufficient information provided.

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The probability of getting hurt is more when a man jumps from a significant height why?

As the potential energy is directly proportional to the height.Its gains more potential energy and when he falls from the great height due to its potential energy convert into kinetic energy so he gets hurt.

How a cheetah adaptations to assist getting food?

IT assist by getting some were that the prey can not see and runs qutily and jumps before it can get away

What is significant about the sentence the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog?

Every letter in the alphabet is used at lest once.

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Why is jumps called jumps?

*Why are jumps called jumps?In order to clear an "obstacle" of any sort, a horse must jump over it. Therefore these "obstacles" became known as jumps.

How many jumps does the world record hold?

I don't know. But I do know one thing, my gf rides me like if she were a cowgurl dan she "jumps" me real good... But don't worry we luv eacoda we're actually getting married pretty soon.

What are the jumps called in horse shows?

The sport of horse racing over jumps is called steeplechasing, while racing with no jumps is called flat racing.

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Wood and plastic are the usual materials to manufacture horse jumps. Plastic jumps are more durable than wood jumps and can stand more impacts than wood jumps.

How many people a year?

About 350,000 people complete more than 3 million jumps in a typical year. The big question is always, "How dangerous is skydiving?" Each year, about 30 people die in parachuting accidents in the United States alone.The number of jumps each person does in a year varies a lot. To give a few examples:A university student learning to skydive - 30 to 40 jumps a yearA full time skydiving instructor and cameraman - 700 to 800 jumps a yearA 4way formation skydiving competitor with a decent budget - 125 to 200 jumps a year. This also includes significant time in a wind tunnel which is a skydiving simulator.A summer boogie jumper who jumps at the weekends, does not compete, but attends events - 200 jumps a year.

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The rabbit jumps over the log in the forest.

What part of speech Jumps?

Jumps is a verb. It describes an action.

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20 jumps