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For the same reasons why we need numbers today

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Q: Why was the Chinese number system invented?
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When was Chinese number system invented?

The Chinese number system was invented in the 4th centaury.

Where was the Chinese number system invented?

in china

Who invented Chinese number system?

a chinese person that lives in china.

What is the base of the Chinese number system?

The base of the Chinese number system is ten.

Where was the Japanese number system invented?

The Japanese gave up their original number system more them a thousand years ago. They now use the Chinese number system. It is almost the same but the Japanese have added a few strokes to the numbers and have a different pronunciation to make their number system unique.

What is the biggest number in the Chinese number system?

There is no biggest number in the Chinese number system,it goes on forever,Chinese numbers are fairly similar to Arabic e.g 10,100,1000,10000,100000,1000000,10000000,10000000000,10000000000.......... it goes on forever

When was the Chinese number system invented?

It can date back to the New Stone Age since Chinese number characters were found on oracle bones. Around 4 century BCE, Chinese already had a developed decimal system during the Warring States period. Around 13 century, Arabic numbers were spread to China.

Is the Japanese numbering system different from the Chinese numbering system?

yes it is different. the Japanese number system is the Chinese number system but the Japanese changed it to make it unique.

What Chinese dynasty invented the feudal system?

Zhoue/Chou Dynasty

Where does the Chinese number system originate?

The Chinese number systems derived from the number systems that were in use in the Shang Dynasty.

Who were the first people to use the zero and the decimal system?

The first people to use the decimal system and the number zero WERE NOT THE CHINESE! I am learning about this in school. The ancient Hindu's invented them during the Gupta Empire.

Who invented the number 8?

Of course, it was the Aztecs because they invented the number system