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Good question, I have 3 in a circut, 2 at 120V, and one at 14V. Already replaced the outlet thinking that was bad, same result. More than likely there are defective connections somewhere in the wiring. Possibly under a wire nut. It could be all or none of the above. All depends where you put your volt meter to do the reading. With the light switch in the off position when you measure across the switch you will get line voltage of 120 volt, but when you turn on the light, it will read the voltage drop of the switch, should be 0 volts unless the connection is bad or if it is a dimmer switch then the voltage will be all over the place. from: bmetong

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Q: Why would one light switch show only 60V while all other switches in the circuit are showing 120V?
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Why do you use switches in circuits?

A switch in a circuit will quickly allow you to break the circuit, without changing the wiring. For example, a light switch. By turning a light switch off, you are breaking the circuit and, thus, turning the light off.

How does a flashing indicator operate?

There is a relay switch in the circuit which switches the light on & off when you activate the turn signal.

How do you wire a light fixture to be controlled by 5 separate switches?

That is called 4 way intermediate switch wiring. Click the link to watch a video I have posted showing how to wire just such a circuit.

How is one light controlled by three switches?

That is called a 4 way light switch circuit. On each end of the circuit you install a 3way switch and in the middle you install a 4 way switch.Answer using British TerminologyIn the UK, 'three-way' switches are called 'two-way' switches (more logical, if you think about it!), and the 'four-way' switch is called an 'intermediate' switch.

How do you make a 2 way switch which breaks the circuit only when both the switches are turned off?

Send power to the 1st switch and then send the power from that switch when it is in the on position to the second switch. Then send power to the light from the second switch. That way both switches will have to be in the on position for the light to be on.

How do you know if a switch has a circuit breaker?

All circuits including those with switches will have a breaker protecting the circuit. To find, turn on the light controlled by the switch and then turn off breakers one-by-one until light goes out.

What are different kinds of switches?

Mercury tilt switch, Knife switch, Footswitch, Reversing switch, Light switches, Electronic switches

What is a AND circuit?

An AND circuit is a circuit that takes two or more inputs, and generates an output that is the boolean AND function of those inputs. Two light switches in series, for instance, is an AND circuit because both switches have to be on for the light to be on. If the switches were wired in parallel to each other, and then in series with the light, that would be an OR circuit.

Where are light switches made?

In a light switch factory......

What is difference between single pole and double pole thermostat?

A single-pole switch is an on/off switch that switches a single wire such as the circuit to your overhead light. A double pole switch is also an on/off switch that switches two wires. You would use this to switch as 240 volt circuit (which requires two hot wires) or if you had two circuit you wanted to switch at the same time. I've used them when I had two large light circuits that required two breakers that I wanted to switch with one switch.

What is the meaning of single pole sw?

The "sw" is electrical terminology for the word "switch". A single pole switch is one that opens the circuit when in the off position and closes the circuit when in the on position. Individual switches that turn on light fixtures in your home are in the classification of single pole switches.

How do you wire 2 switches on one circuit?

If your wiring it up for a light switch, then you will need 2 3 way switches, this will allow you to turn on and off lights from 2 locations

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