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Q: Why yoke cross section is made larger than core?
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Does making the core of an electromagnet larger make it weaker?

No, the electromagnet is not made weaker by making the core larger. It can be made weaker by decreasing its current and/or turns of coil.

What is a cross section in math?

The cross section, of a 3D object, is the 2D shape made when a 2D plane cuts across the 3D object. Often "cross section" refers to the shape made when the plane is at right angles to an axis of the 3D object but this need not be the case.

What is a hexagonal prism made by?

It has a 6 sided cross-section and a length

What does cross-section mean?

When a 3-dimensional (solid) object is cut by a plane, the 2-dimensional shape made where the solid object and the plane meet is the cross section.

Describe the cross-sections that are formed when a cylinder is intersected by a plane?

In Geometry, cross-section is the shape made when a solid is cut through by a plane. The cross section of a circular cylinder is a circle. * * * * * There are also cross-sections that are ellipses or rectangles.

What shape would you have if you made a horizontal cross-section of a square pyramid?

a square

What is the shape of the cross section of a hexagonal prism if the cut is made parallel to a base?

A hexagon.

What is the shape of the cross section of a cube if the cut is made across the diagonal of the cube?


Was Jesus crucified on a myrtle tree?

Jesus was crucified on a cross. The main section was vertical and the cross bar was horizontal and a few feet below the top of the main section as we are told that a sign was placed on the cross above His head. We do not know what kind of wood the cross was made of.

How does a wire's cross section affect resistance?

If two pieces of wire are made of the same material and have the same length but different resistance, then the one with the greater cross section area has the lower resistance.

The larger of the two filaments forming a cross-bridge is made of a protein called?


How do scientist learn about the mantle and core on earth?

they cut cross-sections of layers using a specially made drill