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Yes, some can work in other panels. But you go to an electrical supplier and get the one

that is the brand of the panel. If it is old and you can't find it, then try a GE breaker.

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Q: Will a panel breaker for one manufacturer's panel fit on a different manufacturer's panel?
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What type panel does a 4 pole breaker require?

The panel and breaker have to be of the same manufacturer. This way the breaker will fit into the panel. If the panel has a push in bus bar, the breaker must also be the type to accept the bus bar. If the bus bars in the panel are of the bolt in type then the breaker also has to be a bolt in breaker.

Will cutler hammer breaker panel fit a GE breaker?

No, a Cutler Hammer will not work in a GE panel or vice versa.

Will a square d circuit breaker fit in Allen bradley panel?

No, the Square D designed breaker can only be installed in a Square D manufactured panel.

Will a GE breaker fit a cutler hammer panel?

No, a Cutler Hammer will not work in a GE panel or vice versa.

What breaker can I use if I dont have a westinghouse breaker?

The Cutler Hammer BR series will fit and also the Connecticut Electric UBITBC series will fit your Westinghouse service panel.

Can you use a Murray breaker in a Bryant panel?

No, they will not fit. You can use Westinghouse, Cutler Hammer BR series, and Connecticut Electrical UBITBC series breaker. All of those will fit.

Do circuit breaker blanks have to fit completely in the breaker panel?

Yes, the code requires a complete dead front so that no access can be made to the bare distribution bus behind the panel face.

What circuit breaker to install for 10 amp 250 volt circuit?

You need a breaker rated for 10 amps and 250 volts. The breaker must also fit properly in your panel.

Can you put in piggy back circuit breakers in a circuit panel?

The electrical terminology for this type of breaker is a tandem breaker. It is where two breakers circuits can be in the same one breaker slot in a distribution panel. On this type of breaker there will be two output for a circuit value of what ever the breaker is rated for.

Do they make a 30-40 amp two pole breaker compatible with a square d breaker?

No, if you have a Square D distribution panel only Square D breakers will fit in it.

Will it hurt to use a 40 amp breaker on a water heater the wire I was sold will not fit into the 30 amp on a sq. D circuit breaker?

In the United States, if the wire is #8 copper or larger (smaller number) it will work fine on a 40 amp breaker. If the wire is #10 copper, there is something wrong with the breaker if it does not fit. Pull the breaker out of the panel and look into where the wire terminates to see why the #10 wire won't fit.

What would happen if a 200 amp breaker is used in a 100 amp sub panel?

There are two things to think about here. First of all a 200 amp breaker will not physically fit into a 100 amp panel. This is so designed because the panel buss is not designed to conduct 200 amps before the current is cut off. A 100 amp rating on the panel is the maximum amount of current that the manufacturer states, that can be handled safely. Second if the 200 amp breaker is in the main panel then everything downstream from that breaker has to be rated for 200 amp conductivity. The wire size will have to be 3/0 from the breaker to the first over current device in the sub panel which will be the sub panel's main breaker. The sub panel can not be a load center but will have to be a combination panel. I doubt that the 100 amp sub panel's main breaker lugs would be large enough to connect the 3/0 cable.