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More or less. There are slight variations, due to differences in gravity, and the centrifugal pseudoforce.

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Q: Will objects weigh the same no matter where they are on earth?
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What two things have the the same mass?

Two objects with the same mass would have the same amount of matter, meaning they would weigh the same when measured.

What weighs the same no matter how big it is?

If I understood your question right, then any two or more objects will weigh the same if they contain equal amount of the same substance.

Would you have more mass on the moon than earth?

Neither. Although you weigh more on earth your mass is the same no matter where you are.

If two objects weigh the same is their mass equal?

Yes, if two objects have the same weight, then their mass is equal. Weight is the force exerted on an object due to gravity, while mass is the amount of matter in an object. In the context of Earth's gravity, objects with the same mass will have the same weight.

Did size of the earth is increased means gravity of earth will increase or not?

If the Earth became bigger but its mass remained the same, then objects on its surfacewould weigh less than they do now.If the Earth became bigger and its mass also increased, (with average density remainingconstant), then objects on its surface would weigh more than they do now.

Why do objects weigh less on the moon than they do on the earth?

Gravity is strong here. It is the same reason we are held down on the planet

What is the gravitational pull of the Uranus?

it is the same as earth's 9.8 m/seconds squared

Would you weigh the same on mercury as you do on earth?

No. On Mercury you would weigh 37% of what you weigh on Earth.

Do An object on Earth weighs six times more than on the moon?

Yes, objects on the moon would weigh six times less, but keep in mind that the objects mass stays the same.

Does a brick weigh the same on earth as it does in space?

Weight is a measure of gravity's pull against some object. No a brick will not weigh the same on earth as in space or on the moon. It will, however, have the same mass.also weight and mass IS DIFFERENT weight is a measure of gravity pull against objects mass basicly mean how many atoms

Gravity gives you your mass true or false?

False. Gravity does not give you mass. Mass is a measure of the amount of matter in an object, whereas gravity is a force that acts on objects with mass.

Is your weight on the moon be the same as it is on the earth?

No. On the moon you only weigh about 16.7% of what you weigh on Earth.