Words to describe rock's texture

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Rocky. :) enjoi!

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Q: Words to describe rock's texture
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What are some descriptive words for texture?

Words to describe texture:bumpycottonyfirmfurryfuzzygrainygrittyplushpricklyrigidroughsatinysilkyslimyslipperysmoothsoftsquishystickyvelvetywaxy

What Mineral alignment in a metamorphic rock usually gives the rock a porphyritic texture?

A porphyritic texture can be a feature of igneous rocks, but 'porphyritic' is not used to describe metamorphic rock texture. Metamorphic rocks can be foliated or non-foliated, terms used to describe mineral alignment or banding, or the lack thereof.

What term is used to describe metamorphic rocks with banded texture?

The descriptive term is foliated. They are said to exhibit foliation.

What are some non examples of texture in rocks?

Philosophy and elephants are NOT texture in rocks.

What rocks have a pyroclastic texture?

Two kinds of rocks that have a pyroclastic texture are breccia and tuffs. Some other rocks with this texture are volcanic ash and pumice.

What are some words that describe texture?

Tactile Texture.

Describe and explain the difference in the crystalline texture of volcanic rock and rock formed from an intrusion?

The texture of intrusive igneous rocks is phaneritic, which is characterized by coarse-grained large crystals that are visible to the naked eye. The texture of volcanic rocks, meanwhile, is porphyritic, which is characterized by fine-grained crystals.

What Texture and texture analysis of advertisements?


Is porphyritic texture is not a feature of sedimentary rocks?

Porphyritic texture is a feature of some igneous rocks, not sedimentary rocks.

How are rocks idenified?

rocks are idenified by texture

What is the texture of igneous rock?

Phaneritic is the texture of igneous rocks. These types of rocks crystallized slowly.

Is granite foliate?

No. Foliation is a texture most often used to describe the banded, platy, or layered appearance of certain metamorphic rocks.