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324 is a perfect square of 18. But it's not a perfect cube.

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2021-10-09 11:10:30
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Q: Would you classify 324 as a perfect​ square, perfect​ cube, both, or​ neither?
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Is 98 a perfect square?

No. If the square root of 98 was an integer, 98 would be a perfect square.

Is 120 a perfect square?

No, it is not. For it to be a perfect square, the square root of it would have to be an integer, but √120 ≈ 10.954. 100 and 121 are perfect squares nearest to 120. ■

Is 22 a perfect square?

No it is not. 22 is not a perfect square because it is not a product of a rational number multiplied by itself. The closest perfect square would be 25

What is a perect square?

I think you mean Perfect Square. If so, an example would be 9. It is a perfect square because it can be square root to 3.

Is 22 a perfect square. Explain your answer?

No it is not. 22 is not a perfect square because it is not a product of a rational number multiplied by itself. The closest perfect square would be 25

What if the base of the square pyramid was a 8 by 8?

then you would have a perfect square

Would youclassify the number 169 as a perfect cube?

No but it is a perfect square number because its square root is 13

Why is a number a perfect square?

you can multiply two whole numbers together to get that. if you use graph paper, you could make a perfect square. the area of that square is called a perfect square because you can make a perfect square using that many units as the area. for example 4x4=16, so 16 would be the perfect square.

What is the largest perfect square factor of 75 is?

That would be 25 . In fact, 25 is the onlyfactor of 75 that's a perfect square.

What is the definition of a non perfect square?

I have never before heard of a non-perfect square but I suppose it would be any non-zero number that is not the square of an integer. People sometimes say "perfect square" to mean an integer that is a square of an integer - I think the "perfect" is redundant but if you do not think "square" is clear by itself, say "integer square."

Is one fourth a perfect square?

No, a perfect square is the square of an integer number. Fractions are never a perfect square, as the square of an integer is always another integer.Actually fractions can be perfect squares an example is one ninth, it would be one third times one third which equals one ninth.

What perfect square is in 60?

If you mean as a factor, that would be 4.

What would be the greatest perfect square factor of 756?


What make a number a perfect square number?

A perfect square is the square of an integer, i.e., an integer multiplied by itself. For example, 25 is a perfect square, because 5 x 5 = 25. But, in literal mathematical terms, a perfect number is a positive integer that is the sum of its proper positive divisors, excluding the number itself. A square number is also called a "perfect square", so an example of a square number is above. So, a perfect square number would have to be a number that is both perfect and square, and there are yet to be any of these numbers "discovered".

What value of b makes the polynomial x2 - bx plus 25 a perfect square?


What is an example of completing the square?

Completing the square would be the same as "Finding the square root" So an example would be 16. 16 is a perfect square so it would reduce to 4.

What is the largest perfect square that can go into 1476?

√1476 ≈ 38.419, so the largest perfect square less than 1476 would have to be 382, or 1444.

When do you say that a trinomial is a perfect square?

A trinomial is perfect square if it can be factored into the form (a+b)2 So a2 +2ab+b2 would work.

What is the closest square number to 247?

The square root of 247 is 15.71.The closest perfect square would be in this case 16

How do you I estimate the square root of irrational numbers?

The same way that you would for a rational number that is not a perfect square.

Whole number that can be named as a product of a number with itself?

That would be a square. If the number that was multiplied by itself is an integer, it would be a perfect square,

How would you classify water?

you classify it a a liquid i think?

What is the second lowest number that is both a perfect square and a perfect cube?

Any integer ,n, to the 6th. power would be both a perfect square and a perfect cube: This is because (n2 )3 =n6 which is a perfect square and a perfect cube. Or course you could also write this as (n3 )2 =n6 06 = 0 16 = 1 26 = 64 etc.

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What group would you classify a gecko in?

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