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x -=y;

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Q: Write a program to subtract integer y from integer x?
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Write a program that converts a decimal number to nearest integer?

prompt x floor(x + .5) -> x disp x

Write program to calculate square of an integer?

public class Test { public static void main(String[] args){ int x = 10; System.out.println("Square value = " + (x * x)); } }

How would you write subtract the sum of 2 and y from x?

x - (y + 2)

How do you write a program in VB to compare three number and print larger number?

Public Sub Main() Dim X As Integer Dim Y As Integer Dim cnt As Integer 'Our counter. cnt = 1 Do Debug.Print X X = Y + X Y = X - Y If cnt >= 8 Then Exit Do Else cnt = cnt + 1 End If Loop End Su

Write a program to generate the Fibonacci series in visual basic?

Let x = 1, let y = 0.Print x.Let x = y + xLet y = x - yRepeat from 2.Public Sub Main() Dim X As Integer Dim Y As Integer Dim cnt As Integer 'Our counter. cnt = 1 Do While cnt < 8 Debug.Print X X = Y + X Y = X - Y cnt = cnt + 1 Loop End Sub

Write Four different java statement that each add to integer variable x?

++x; x++; x += 1; x = x + 1;

How do you write a pseudocode program for finding out x to the power of y?


What lists all the integer solutions of the equation x equals 10?

The person or program that solves the equation does.

Write a c program that will exchange the values of x and y after the statement executed x is equal to y and y is equal to x?

what is a program x and y

Is x plus 1 considered a consecutive even integer?

x + 1 would be a consecutive integer where x is an integer.

Program to find product of three consecutive numbers?

dim x as integerdim y as integerdim z as integeron error goto Errorhandleruser input "Type first integer"x = user inputuser input "Type second integer"y = user inputuser input "Type third integer"z = user inputif z = 2+x and if y = 1+x thenprint "These numbers are consecutive!"print "Their product is" x*y*zelseif z 2+x or if y 1+x thenprint "These numbers are not consecutive."endifgoto quitErrorhandler: Print error codequitThis is about as stripped down a program as you can write. Depending on the scripting language, you will have to re-write the syntax to comply with that language's rules for syntax and commands.

Is 2x plus 2 even integer?

Only if x is already an integer. For any integer x, 2x + 2 will be an even integer.

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