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If the table consists of a column of x values and a column of y values, and if the x values are in increasing order, ten the y values will be in decreasing order.

The graph of y against x will have a downward slope. That is, the line or curve will be going from top left of the chart to bottom right.

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Q: Y-values decrease as the x-values increase how is it shown on a table and a graph?
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What is an increase or decrease on a line graph?


What is an increase or decrease on a line graph called?

The answer is trend

What is an increase or decrease in a line graph called?


What is increase or decrease on a line graph called?


What graph do you use to show increase and decrease?

A line graph.A line graph.A line graph.A line graph.

How is a line graph similar to a bar graph?

they're similar because the both of them trend and trend means to increase or decrease

What is Graph the relationship between cost and number?

They are inverly related ,number increase cost decrease as wellas cost increase may qulity & number decrease

Why do you connect points on a line graph?

You connect them because you want to Show the increase and Decrease

How is is helpful to organize data in a table or a graph?

it keep you organize and can show the increase and decrease

What happens to a growth in an S shaped graph?

1 : slow increase , 2 : rapid increase , 3 : stable , 4 : decrease .

What is the increase or decrease on a line graph called?


Does scale mean on a graph areas where the data increase decrease or stay the same overtime?


When do you use a line graph or a multiple line graph?

A line graph is most often used to show the passage of time, and shows the increase and decrease from one point to another. A multiple line graph is used to compare two sets of statistics.

If a graph curves upward how does that affect the speed of an object?

This entirely depends on what the graph is charting, but generally, an upward curve reflects an increase in some quantity like distance or acceleration and is a positive correlation with speed increase. However, it could be an increase of resistance or friction, which would decrease speed.

In math What is an increase or decrease on a graph called?

well the increase on a graph is quite similar to the increase on a pariglament slope. They have the same diagonal slope. it is hard to define such a perculiar word. It could be caled rising up, increasing hill, climbing up, so on. The most common would hyave to be upwad angle. A simple term. For decrease i would have to say the dropping angle. hope this helps you!

When the y-values decrease and the x-values increase how is that shown on a graph?

This has a negative slope (it slopes 'down' as you move from left to right).

When the y values decrease and the x values increase how is that shown on a graph?

That is a curve that slopes downward from top left to bottom right.

What is a trend on a graph?

It is the description of a slope of a line which connects from many points you mark to show a way that your graph data may increase or decrease. If it is decreasing, you have a downwards trend. If it is increasing, you have an upwards trend.

Sketch velocity-time graph when an object is thrown vertically upward?

At first the velocity of the particle will decrease and reach zero and thn it will increase .

Why do you think it is important to create a visual representation of the motion of an object?

to determine if the motion of an object is decrease or increase by looking at the visual representation or looking at the graph

What exists is the y-coordinates decrease and the x-coordinates increase?

Example: draw the graph where y = 10 - x , from x = 0 to 5 step 1

What is a double-line graph?

a double line graph is a graph that is same as a line graph but there are two lines

How a bar graph and a line graph alike?

they both show in crease but a line graph may show decrease

How importance bar graph?

Graphs can be represented in many ways- by means of pie chart, bar graph, etc. But out of all these bar graphs are considered extremely useful. Even though pie charts also give a pictorial representation of a particular group, it does not show the increase and decrease in number. Because pie charts just show the %s and bar charts show the increase and decrease in a particular quantity which helps us undertand it better

The y axis values increases as the x axis values increase how is this shown on a graph and table?

On a graph it is shown by a line that goes from the bottom left towards the top right. There are fewer conventions about presenting data in a table and it is not possible to say how it might be shown. One possibility is that there is a column of y values and a column of x values. And both increase (decrease) together.