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Q: You are a 4 digit number your hundreds digit number is triple your thousands digit the number formed by your tens and ones digit is triple the number formed by your thousands and hundreds digits?
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What number has the same number of tens as ones has 6 thousands and no hundreds and the sum of the digits is 14?


Write two hundred thousand in number form?

200,000. Since the number 200 is in the hundreds, it will be 3 digits long. A number in the thousands has at least 4 digits, and up to 6. The number one thousand is written like this: 1,000. Putting the number 1 in the thousands requires adding 3 zeros to the end of it, so writing the number 200 in the thousands would require the same strategy. Therefore, you'd get to your answer: 200,000.

If You are thinking of a 4 digit number that has twice as many thousands as ones twice as many ones as hundreds a twice as many hundreds as tens what is your number?

2,241 because you double the digits

How is a number divisible by 8?

If the number formed by the last three digits is divisible by 8. This requires that: if the digit in the hundreds place is even, the last two digits must form a number divisible by 8 and if the digit in the hundreds place is odd, the last two digits must form a number divisible by 4 but not by 8.

In a four digit number the sum of the thousands and hundreds digits is 3 The tens digit is 4 times the hundreds digit The ones?

this question doesnt make sense

How much is hundreds of thousands?

It is simply an unspecified number of hundreds of thousands!

What is the number if there is a 4 digits number and no number is repeated The digit in the tens place is three times the digit in the thousand place. The sum of the digits in the number is 27?

38977 is in ones place9 is in tens place (and is three times the number in thousands place)8 is in the hundreds place3 is in the thousands place7+9+8+3=27

You are a 5 digit numberMy hundreds digit is 3 more than your tens digitMy thousands digit is 1 less than your hundreds digit your tens digit is 4 and the rest of your digits is 8 what number i am?

The question cannot be answered. All that I know about your number is that is has at least 4 digits. Your number could be a hundred digits long - I have no way of knowing.

How do you round up 670249 in tenthousand?

Look at the thousands digit;if it is 5 or more add 10,000 to the number; if not don't add anything Replace the thousands, hundreds, tens and units digits by 0s.

What are 3 digits in a number called?


What number has 2 thousands the same number of hundreds as thousands 1 more ten than hundreds and no ones?


What is the smallest five digit number that can be formed from 03418?

Including the leading zero, the smallest number you can make from the digits 03418 is 01348. Without the leading zero in the ten thousands column, the smallest number you can form from the digits 03418 is 10348.