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1 ounce

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Q: You are a unit of measurement you are one half of one fourth of one fourth of one fourth of a gallon What are you?
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Related questions

Which unit of measurement is one fourth of a gallon?

A quart.

What the measurement to the specified unit three and fourth gallon to quarts?

13 quarts

What is better 1.65 for half a gallon or a full gallon for 3.10?

The full gallon is a better deal financially. The unit price for the full gallon is 6.1% less than the unit price for the half-gallon.

How many ounces are in 6 and one fourth gallons?

Gallon of what material density. Gallon is a volume unit while ounce is a mass unit.

What unit of measure should you use to determine the volume of a milk carton?

The typical units of measurement used to determine the volume of a milk carton are gallon and half gallon. If the carton is smaller, pints, quarts or ounces are used.

How many bottles of water equal 1 liter?

One, one liter bottle. A "bottle" is not a standard unit of measurement. A bottle could be a pint, a quart, a gallon, a half liter, or any other unit of volume.

When comparing a gallon and a liter a liter is the largest unit of measurement is this true or false?

False. A gallon is larger than a liter.

How much does a gallon of rocks weigh?

A gallon is a unit of measurement used for liquid, and is not applicable to solid substances, e.g rocks.

How much is one gallon worth of dimes?

A gallon isn't a standard unit of measurement in this scenario, so it's impossible to give an estimate.

How many milliliters in a half gallon of liquor?

A millimeter is a length measuring unit, while a gallon is a volume measuring unit. So there is no relation between them

What is one half ounce?

It is a unit of measurement. it equals, roughly, one tablespoon.

What is one fourth of a gallon called?

A gallon is an Imperial unit of volume or capacity used for measuring liquids. One gallon is equivalent to 4 quarts.

What is a half of mile?

There are 2,640 feet in half of a mile. Half of a mile is a system of measurement that is split in half. This unit is used in the English System.

What does a gallon of nickels weigh?

It's difficult to give an exact answer, as a gallon isn't a standard unit of measurement for solid objects.

How many gallons makes a ton?

There is no such unit of measurement as a liquid ton, so a liquid measurement such as a gallon cannot be converted. A ton is a measurement of weight, and since a gallon each of different liquids would have different weights, the number of gallons in a ton would be dependent upon the liquid.

What unit of measurement is used for one-half cup of liquid?

Millilitres is used and a half cup is 113 ml.

How many CCs in a half pint?

This unit of measurement UK is 284.13 cc

How many tablespoon in a half dropper?

Dropper are not a unit of measurement - they come in many sizes.

What is the abbreviation for miles per gallon?

Mpg. If you read more American car magazine you will see a lot of this unit of measurement.

What is the weight of half an ounce?

The weight of half an ounce is half an ounce. Ounces (not to be confused with fluid ounces, or fl oz) are a unit of weight measurement. They ARE a specific weight, and can only be defined otherwise when they are compared relatively to another unit of weight measurement.The weight of half of a fluid ounce depends on the density of the fluid, and its position on a planetary surface.Half an ounce (as a unit of weight) is 1/32 of 1 pound.

WHAT IS KGA in unit of measurement?

what is KGA in unit of a measurement

How many zeros in gram?

There is no possible answer. A gram is a unit of measurement. There are no 0s in any unit of measurement.

How many yards in a 55 gallon drum?

Yards are a unit of lineal measurement. -Drums are measured in volume, so there is no correlation here.

How many liter in 1 jug?

A jug is not a real unit of measurement A gallon jug? If by that, then a jug can fit around 3.8 liters to 4 liters.

Are feet considered a unit conversion or unit of measurement?

unit of measurement