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yes i can run a mile in five minutes and twelve seconds

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Q: You can run a mile in five minutes twelve seconds?
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Bill ran a half mile in two minutes fifty five seconds how many seconds is that?

the answer is 175 seconds

How do you change 1 mile in 438 seconds into minutes and seconds?

It is 1 mile in 7 minutes 18 seconds.

Is a five minutes and fifty nine seconds mile fast for a fourteen year old what is the average?

Six minutes is a decent mile time for anyone.

If A guy ran half a mile in two minutes and fifty -five seconds. How many seconds is that?

2x60 is 120, + 55 is 175 mins.

What is the duration of Five Mile Creek?

The duration of Five Mile Creek is 2760.0 seconds.

How many minutes per mile if walked 2.48 miles in 37 minutes and 20 seconds?

This equates to a pace of 15 minutes 3.2 seconds per mile.

If you run a mile in 8 minutes how fast can run 1.0 km?

1 mile is 0.62 kilometers 480 (8 minutes in seconds) multiplied by .62 = 297.6 seconds 297.6 seconds = 4 minutes, 57.6 seconds

Is it possible for a sixth grader to run a mile five minutes and forty five seconds?

anything is possible. this could be true but this yearn 6 would have to be trained.

How many miles per hour is 3 minutes 43 seconds per mile?

3 minutes 43 seconds per mile = 16.14 mph

What was my mile pace if i ran 4.3 miles in 28 minutes 12 seconds?

Your mile pace was 6.56 minutes.

Is 5 minutes and 15 seconds a good mile time for a thirteen year old boy?

yes this is a very good time. my mile time is five minutes and forty seconds. im 14 and im in the top of my school for running. that's very good.

How long does Derrick Rose run a mile?

His mile was in 5 minutes 26 seconds.

How fast is 2 minutes 20 seconds per mile?

A mile in 2 minutes 20 seconds equates to an average speed of 25.7 miles per hour.

Fastest mile time on a pogo stick?

The fastest mile time on pogo stick by a woman is 37 minutes, 58 seconds. The fastest mile time for a man is 30 minutes, 50 seconds.

13K in 88 minutes and 10 seconds what's the pace per mile?

The pace is 10.91 minutes per mile.

What was your minutes per miles for a 3.7 mile run done in 35 minutes?

Minutes per mile = 35/3.7 = 9.46 approx * * * * * * 9 minutes 27 seconds per mile

What is the fastest mile swam?

12 Minutes 42 seconds

Is it average to run a mile in 9 minutes and 35 seconds?

No, that is terrible. Few people run a mile in more than 6 minutes. 5 minutes 30 seconds is about average. The fastst person ran it in 3minutes 58 seconds

If you walk 3 kilometers in 29 minutes and 50 seconds how fast did you walk 1 mile?

If you walk 3 kilometers in 29 minutes and 50 seconds you walk one mile in 16 minutes.

If you run on the treadmill at 9.5mph how quick will you do a mile?

Your time for a mile will be 6 minutes 19.2 seconds.

How many miles per hour is it if you run the mile in 4 minutes 32 seconds?

If you run a mile in 4 minutes and 32 seconds, you average 13.235 miles per hour.

How many minutes in five miles run?

You can divide 60 (the number of minutes in an hour) by the minutes per mile value to get miles per hour. (if you have minutes and seconds, divide seconds by 60 to get a decimal and add to the whole minutes). However, runners are faster in shorter distances and slower in longer distances. That will limit the accuracy of any extrapolation. Why not just multiply the minutes per mile by the number of miles?

What is your minutes per mile pace if you ran 6.4 miles in 40.30 minutes?

6.4 miles in 40.30 minutes is a pace of 6 minutes 18 seconds per mile.

3 miles in 19 minutes 30 seconds how long does it take her to run a mile?

3 Miles in 19.5 minutes (19 minutes 30 seconds) is 1 mile in 6.5 minutes (6 minutes 30 seconds). (19.5 ÷ 3 = 6.5)That is based on her average speed. It is safe to assume that she can run one mile or just even the first of 3 miles in less time, probably around 6 minutes. That is a good pace! A 5k (five kilometers) run is about 3.107 miles. A mile in 6.5 minutes is the same as 3.107 miles in 20 minutes 11.7 seconds (average speed of 9.23 MPH).The female record for a 5K is about 14 minutes 11 seconds. A very good time is still 17-20 minutes. A good beginners time is around 30 minutes.

What is the world record for the fastest mile?

3 minutes 43 seconds