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There are three possible combinations: 1 quarter and 13 dimes 3 quarters and 8 dimes 5 quarters and 3 dimes

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Q: You have 1.55 in dimes and quarters. What are all the possible combinations of coins that you might have?
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How many combinations of 0.95 are possible with quarters dimes and nickels?

There are 25 of them.

How many quarters and dimes do you need to make 14.05?

You could do it with 53 quarters and 8 dimes. Many other combinations are possible.

If you have 1.00 and 25 coins what are the coins?

You could have 5 quarters or 10 dimes and one quarter or several other combinations of coins.

How many quarters nickels and dimes is 69.50?

It's not possible to give a specific answer without knowing how the numbers of each coin are related. Otherwise there are hundreds of possible combinations; for example278 quarters, 0 dimes, 0 nickels277 quarters, 0 dimes, 5 nickels277 quarters, 1 dime, 3 nickels277 quarters, 2 dimes, 1 nickel276 quarters, 0 dimes, 10 nickelsand so on

The value of Greta's rolls of coins is 121.00. If pennies and dimes come in rolls of 50 coins each and nickels and quarters come in rolls of 40 coins each which of these combinations could Greta have?

8 rolls of pennie’s 6rolls of nickels 3 rolls of dimes 9rolls of quarters

How many dimes are in 19.75 if the amount contains only dimes and quarters?

There are 39 combinations of dimes and quarters that will total 19.75 from 1 quarter and 195 dimes to 77 quarters and 5 dimes.

If there were 520 dimes and quarters in vending machine and the ratio of dimes to quarters was 5 to 8 then how many dimes were there?

If 5 dimes to every 8 quarters that is 5 out of every 13 coins dimes and 8 of 13 coins quarters 5/13 x 520 = 200 dimes

How do you make a dollar with coins?

You can make a dollar with any sorts of combinations of coins. A dollar is 100 cents. So 4 quarters or 2 $.50 pieces or 10 dimes or 4 nickels +8 dimes.

Keoki has 22 coins that are all dimes and quarters. If their value is 4.35 how many dimes and quarters does Keoki have?

If Keoki has 14 quarters and 8 dimes (for a total of 22 coins), she has $3.50 and $0.80 or $4.30 in coins. If Keoki has 15 quarters and 7 dimes (for a total of 22 coins), she has $3.75 and $0.70 or $4.45 in coins. If Keoki has 22 coins that are all dimes and quarters and their value in total is $4.35 as asked, there isn't a combination of coins that will permit her to have both 22 coins and $4.35 worth of coins.

Mula has 27 coins that are all dimes and quarters the value is 4.35 how many dimes and quarters does mula have?

Mula has 16 dimes and 11 quarters.

How many possible values can there be for three coins selected from among pennies nickels dimes and quarters?


How much is 25 coins in one dollar?

Among other combinations: 3 Quarters, 2 Dimes and 20 Pennies or 1 Quarter, 3 Dimes, 6 Nickels and 15 Pennies