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If 5 dimes to every 8 quarters that is 5 out of every 13 coins dimes and 8 of 13 coins quarters

5/13 x 520 = 200 dimes

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Q: If there were 520 dimes and quarters in vending machine and the ratio of dimes to quarters was 5 to 8 then how many dimes were there?
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What is the ratio of quarters to dimes in the soda machine was 5 to 8if there were 120 quarters how many dimes were there?


What is the ratio 3 dimes to 8 quarters as a fraction?

3 dimes = 30 cents 8 quarters = 200 cents. So, the ratio is 30/200 or 3/20

What is the ratio of quarters to dimes in simplest form?


What is the ratio of 4 dimes to 3 quarters?

In the number of coins the raio of 4 dimes to 3 quarters is 4:3. In terms of money amount, 4 dimes equals 40 cents and 3 quarters equals 75 cents, so the ratio is 40:75. This can be reduced to 8:15.

What is the ratio of 2 dimes to 3 quarters in simplest form?

4 to 15

he vending machine at school sells sports drinks and sodas at a ratio of 9:5. How many sodas did people buy from the vending machine if 126 sports drinks were sold?


What is the ratio of pennies to dimes?

The ratio of pennies to dimes is 10 to 1.

If a bag contains 12 quarters 6 dimes and 18 nickles what is the part-to-whole ratio of dimes to all coins?

dimes : all coins = 6 : 12+6+18 = 6 : 36 = 1×6 : 6×6 = 1 : 6 Dimes are ⅙ of all coins.

What in dollars is 80 pounds of loose pennies nickels dimes and quarters worth?

The value of the coins is going to be highly dependent upon the ratio of coins. In general: Dimes, quarters and half dollars are roughly $20/lb Nickels are $5/lb And there are 181 pennies to a pound ($1.81) So we're talking any where from $1600 to $150.

What is ratio of dimes to pennies in a dollar?

10 dimes make a dollar and 100 pennies make a dollar so the ratio is 1/10.

What is the ratio of 39 nickels to 4 dimes?

39 nickles to 4 dimes

What is the ratio for pennies to dimes?

The ratio of the value of a penny to the valueof a dime is 1/10 .I have no idea how many pennies or dimes you have, so there's nopossible way to talk about the ratio of their numbers.