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The idea is to write two equations, one for the number of coins, one for the amount of money. Then solve the equations.Assuming "n" is the number of nickels, and "q" the number of quarters, the equations for the coins, of course, is quite simply:

n + q = 64

And the equation for the money (I'll use cents; you can just as well use dollars if you prefer):

5n + 25q = 740

You can solve the first equation for "n", then replace that in the second equation.

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21 quarters and 43 nickels.

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Q: You piggy bank has all nickels and quarters. You count up the coins and find out that there are 64 coins and you have a total of 7.40. How many of each type of coin do you have?
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A piggy bank has quarters and nickels in it There are eight more nickels than quarters if the total value of the coins is 6.10 how many of each coin are there?

Let X equal the number of quarters X * 25 is the value of the quarters ((X+8) * 5) is the value of the nickels25X + 5X + 40 = 610 so 30X + 40 = 610 .subtract 40 from both sides , divide both sides by 30X = 19There are 19 quarters and 27 nickels in the piggy bank

Charlie's piggy bank was filled with dimes and nickels He took the money out and counted a total of 419 coins The coins were worth 36.05 How many nickels were in the piggy bank?

117 nickles

A piggy bank contains only nickels and dimes In all there are 42 coins with a total value of 3.85 How many nickels are in the piggy bank?


What Manuel has some nickels and dimes in his piggy bank 26 coins altogether the number of nickels is 2 fewer than three times the number of dimes how much money does he have in his piggy bank?

He has 165 cents.

If Charlie's piggy bank was filled with dimes and nickels and he took the money out and counted a total of 419 coins which were worth 36.05 how many nickels were in the piggy bank?

117 Alternative method: If all the coins were dimes he would have $41.90; He is $5.85 short of that figure Every 5c short represents 1 nickel replacing a dime 585/5 = 117 nickels (and 302 dimes).

How is the best way to remove coins from a piggy bank?

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Lisa's piggy bank contained 21 dimes nickels and pennies The total in the piggy bank was 1.21 Lisa removed all the dimes from the piggy bank This left only 41 cents in the bank How many nickels?


When a piggy bank has 160 total coins valuing 10.50. Think about a system of equations that can be used to represent the number of nickels and dimes and then think through?

If n is the number of nickels and d the number of dimes, then the equations are:n + d = 160 (total number of coins) 5n + 10d = 1050 (total value). And I have thought through to the answer.

Are coins in a piggy bank an element?


How much money does Joe have to spend at the candy store if he has 3 quarters 1 dime and 2 nickels in his piggy bank?

Is this a trick question? Well, assuming that Joe breaks open his piggy bank, and Joe doesn't cut his finger on the little pieces and have to buy bandages, then he would have 95 cents to spend at the candy store. :)

How much money does your piggy bank have in it?

There is an extremely large amount of possibilities of money combinations that could be within a piggy bank. We must first note that some piggy banks differ in size, but the real problem is with the change itself. The piggy bank could be filled with all pennies, all quarters, 10 dimes and the rest quarters, and so on. The possibilities are limitless.

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Can Coins in a piggy bank be considered an element?

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You have 1.21 dollars in your piggy bank in dimes nickel and pennys if you take out all dimes you have 41cents how many nickels do you have?

You could have: 8 nickels and 1 penny or 6 nickels and 11 pennies or 4 nickels and 21 pennies or 2 nickels and 31 pennies. The option of 0 nickels and 41 pennies is excluded by the necessity that the amount is made up of dimes, nickels and pennies; 0 nickels would mean the $1.21 was made up of dimes and pennies only.

Lisa piggy bank contained 21 dimes nickels and pennies the total in the piggy bank was 1.21 Lisa removed all the dimes this left only 41 cents in the bank how many pennie were in the bank?

6 pennies

What amount of money is contained in a piggy bank holding 5 pennies and 8 nickels?

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How many ways are there to choose eight coins from a piggy bank containing 100 identical pennies and 80 identical nickels?

C(8+1, 1)= c(9, 1) = [9!/1!(9-1)!] = [9!/1! 8!] = [9/1!] = 9.