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does more than mean add

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Q: Does more than mean add
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What is 388 more than 631 mean?

It means add

When saying than does it mean add or subtract?

more the yours means to take away

Does a apostrophe s mean more then one?

First of all, it's, "Does an apostrophe "-s" mean more than one?" Second of all, it does not mean more than one. It is only used to show possession. For example: "Lisa's bicycle tires are wearing down." For more than one, only add "-s." If there is already and "-s" at the end, just add an apostrophe.

More than means add or subtract?

Neither...When you say 'x > 2', you are saying that x is any number greater than 2. It is more of a statement rather than a sum.

What does abundant mean in math?

An abundant number means its proper factors add up to more than that number.

What does more than friends mean?

what does more than friends mean

What is 18 more than 27 plus 16?

"More than" means you are supposed to add. So, you first add 27 + 16, then you add 18 to the result. (Actually, the order in which you add won't affect the result.)

Does more mean add or subtract?

right at publix there was a guy we saw that lost his left arm more means to add 10 more than 5 is 10+5 = 15 less means to subtract 10 less than 15 is 15-10 = 5

How do you get weighted mean?

A weighted mean is when some values contribute more than others. In order to calculate weighted mean multiply each weight by its value, add those and then divide by the sum of the weights.

What is the mean of 1416182022242628?

In order to find the mean, you need to provide more than one number. To find the mean of something, add up all the numbers, then divide by how many numbers there are.

What does The number 100 more than 3452 and 231 mean?

It means add 3452 and 231 and then add 100 to that. 3452 + 231 = 3683 3683 + 100 = 3783

What does more mean when your'e doing math?

Usually means added. Example, 5 more than 23 means to add 5 to 23. You would get 28. So, 5 more than 23 is 28.

What is a rulle simliar to check if two numbers add up to more than 372?

A similar rule is to check if two numbers add up to more than 5.

Does how many more mean add or subtract?

it means to subtract

Can you have more than 3 sheets in Microsoft Excel?

Yes. You can add more in if you need them.Yes. You can add more in if you need them.Yes. You can add more in if you need them.Yes. You can add more in if you need them.Yes. You can add more in if you need them.Yes. You can add more in if you need them.Yes. You can add more in if you need them.Yes. You can add more in if you need them.Yes. You can add more in if you need them.Yes. You can add more in if you need them.Yes. You can add more in if you need them.

Does getting your hood pierced mean your a lesbian?

Why should it mean anything? Exotic piercings don't mean anything other than the individual getting the piercing wants to add something more to there sexuality and love life.

What does dilute mean in chemistry?

To add more solvent.

When the level is low what does that mean?

Just means you need to add more.

Are women more prone to ADD and ADHD than men?

No. Many more males have ADD and/or ADHD than females. Some of this may be because symptoms are easier to detect in boys. Girls have more subtle symptoms. Boys tend to be more physical when distracted than girls.

Do you add an s to Poisson if more than one?


Which sentence is ambiguous I like him more than I like you or I like him more than you?

The sentence "I like him more than you" is ambiguous. It could mean "I like him more than I like you" or it could mean "I like him more than you like him."

What is 34 more than 49?

Usually 'more' means to add. So, 34 more than 49 is 34+49=83.

Does the Teleadapt Conference Hub have the ability to add more than 4 ports?

You can connect several of them together, to add more ports as needed.

Adding more than two integers?

I'm not sure if that is a question, but if it is, yes, you can add more than two integers. Just add the first two to get a new, single integer and then add that to the next one. You can do that indefinitely if you have a large set of integers.

Which results in a more vaulable product - adding or subtracting protons from gold nuclei?

If you subtract one proton, you get platinum. If you add one proton, you get mercury. Platinum is considerably more valuable than mercury. If you add or subtract more than one, all bets are off. If you add enough, you get a transuranic element, which are much more valuable than gold.