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any 2-D shape could have a perimeter of 9cm. One example is a square with sides of 9/4 cm.

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Q: A shape with the perimeter of 9cm?
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What is the perimeter of a rectangle 6Cm to 9Cm?

Perimeter = 6cm + 6cm + 9cm + 9cm = 30cm

What is the perimeter of 9cm x 9cm?

it is 81cm

How do you find the perimeter of 9cm 5cm 9cm 5cm?

9cm + 5cm + 9cm + 5cm = 28cm

How do you make a shape with a perimeter of 9cm?

you cant do that becaues to get a perrimetr you need to add all the sides. when you do that it wll either be less then 9 or more then 9 in conclusion you cant get a shape that has a perimeter of

What is the perimeter of a regular pentagon with 9cm sides?

Pentagon has 5 sides Regular => each side 9cm => perimeter = 5 x 9cm = 45cm

What is the perimeter of a 9cm square?

31 centimeters

What is the perimeter of 9cm 9cm 8cm 9cm and 5cm?

If you're talking about a five sided figure, just add up your figures.

What is the perimeter of a 5 cm by 9cm rectangle?

28 cm

What is the perimeter of the trianlge 8cm 9cm 10cm?

The perimeter would be 8 + 9 + 10 = 27cm

What shape has a perimeter of 9cm?

Any plane shape. Take a piece of string and tie it into a loop of length 9 cm. Put in down on a flat surface. Then move bits of the loop in and out - every one of the shapes you make will have a perimeter of 9 cm.

What is the perimeter of a rectangle with side of 9cm and 9.5cm?

18.5cmImproved Answer:-Perimeter = 9+9.5+9+9.5 = 37cm

How many rectangles can be drawn with 18cm as the perimeter?

An arbitrary large number is the answer for anyrectangle, up to that with a length of 9cm, and 0cm as the width will have a perimeter of 18cm.Similarly, any rectangle up to that with sides 0cm long, and a width of 9cm will have your 18cm perimeter.

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