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= Z

X and Y are examples.

2 to the power of X multiplied by 2 to the power 2 equals 16

What is X?


2 to the power of 2 (2x2) multiplied (X) by 2 to the power of 2 (2x2)

(2x2)4 X (2x2)4 = 4X4 = 16

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Q: A to the power of x multiplied by a to the power of y?
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What is the inverse of y equals to x plus 2 multiplied by e raised to the power of x?

Y = ex(x + 2) Y = ex/(X + 2) =========

What is 8 times a number x decreased by y?

It is difficult to tell what expression you are trying to convey. 8 multiplied by x, and then take y away, is 8x-y x take away y, and then 8 multiplied by this number, is 8(x-y) 8 multiplied by x, and divided by y is 8x/y

What is 2xy?

2xy means '2' multiplied to 'x' multiplied to 'y'. In algebra the multiplication sign is NEVER shown.

What is y to the power of 4 multiplied by y to the power of 5?


If x multiplied by y is 0 then x 0 or y 0 Can both x and y can be 0?

Yes, they can both be zero.

What is x multiplied by x?

x multiplied by x is x squared.

What is y squared multiplied by y cubed?

y^2 X y^3 = y^(2 + 3) = y^5 You can only do this if the coefficient 'y' is the same for both terms. Remember y^2 = y X y y^3 = y X y X y Hence y^2 X y^3 = y X y X y X y X y = y^5 Similarly for division/subtraction y^3 / y^2 = y^(3 - 2 ) = y^1 = y The power of '1' is trivial and not normally shown. NB You CANNOT do z^2 X y^3 by adding the indices. z^2 X y^3 is (z^2)*(y^3)

What is the root of a number?

The root of a number is any number that when multiplied by a certain number of times, it becomes the original number. The number of times the root has to be multiplied is called the index of the radical. The number that it becomes after it is multiplied is called the radicand. If the index is equal to x, and the radicand is equal to y, then the root can be expressed by " y to the (1/x)th power", or "y1/x".

The only integer n for which n equals x to the y power equals y to the x power for x is not equal to y?

This is definitely false; if x=2 and y=3, x to the y power is 8, but y to the x power is 9, which are not equal.

Mathematics if a raw vector is multiplied by a column vector what is the product?

if a column vector such as x y is multiplied by a raw vector such as ( 2 0), ( 2 o) x y = 2x so 2x is the image of x y

Exponent to the fourth power?

It is a number multiplied by itself multiplied by itself multiplied by itself. So if you start with x, you end up with x*x*x*x.

What is y to the third power multiplied by x to the negative 2 power?

It depends on what number y and x are. If y is the number, say...2 than you would multiply 2 to the third power like this: 2x2x2=8 and the x would be 9: 9x-9=-81 multiply 8 and 81 and that will be your answer. Hope that helps in Math Class! :0)