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Q: After shopping Jonathan spent 450 and david spent 180david has 4 times as much money as Jonathan how much mony did Jonathan have?
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What is the science of shopping?

Shopping intelligently to get good value for money.

How do you use shopping as a subject in a sentence?

You use shopping as a subject in a sentence like this: "Shopping is my paradise!" or "Shopping costs a lot of money."

What do you often do when you haven't enough money to go shopping?

What I usually do is go window shopping. When I can go shopping with enough money then I'll go back and hopefully they have the same things for me to purchase. I would otherwise just stay home untilIi know I can go shopping with money. I could also go with someone else shopping and let them spend money.

What is a good thing to have when you go shopping?

Money. Definitely money.

How can you tell if someone is a shopaholic?

They will shop all the time. They choose shopping over anything else. A shopaholic will spend all their money on shopping, even if they need that money. Everything is about shopping for them.

Do men or women spend more money on shopping?

Women do most the families shopping.

When you are going to shopping?

as soon as i get some money!

What do you need when you go shopping?

money to spend

Where does all your money go?

Food and shopping!

What do you need to go shopping?

Rest and money

How does Jonathan and his family make money after the war?

he didint

How much money does Jonathan Broxton make?

MLB player Jonathan Broxton made $7000000 in the 2014 season.