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11,000 miles = 58,080,000 feet

115 days = 165,600 minutes

95.65 miles per day = 350.72 feet per minute

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Q: An Arctic tern flew 11000 miles in 115 days How many feet per minute did the bird average?
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Who many miles is 11000 meters?

11000 metres = 6.8 miles (approx).

What is the average per minute to 264 miles to 4.8 hours?

Traveling 264 miles in 4.8 hours is an average of 0.9167 miles per minute.

What travel about 11000 miles twice a year?

I would have to say elephants travel about 11000 miles twice a year

How many miles per minute for 15 minute mile?

A 15-minute mile equates to an average speed of 0.067 miles per minute.

How many feet per minute is 11000 miles in 115 days?

There are 5280 feet in one mile. Therefore, 11000 miles is equal to 11000 x 5280 = 58080000 feet. There are 60 x 24 = 1440 minutes in one day. Therefore, 115 days is equal to 115 x 1440 = 165600 minutes. Dividing the number of feet by the number of minutes rounded to two decimal places, gives 58080000/165600 = 350.72 feet per minute.

How many miles in 1100 meters?

1100 meters = 0.683508311 miles.

How many miles is it from the US to Kuwait?

The answer totally depends on where in the USA the person is starting. On average, it is about 7000-8000 miles (11000-12500 km) from the USA to Kuwait.

What is the distance between the Arctic Circle and latitude 68 degrees?

An average minute of latitude is a nautical mile. The difference between 68° and 66.56°, the approximate latitude of the Arctic Circle, is 1.44°, which is about 86.4 minutes, which is about 86.4 nautical miles. Multiplying by 1.15 miles per nautical mile gives you about 99.4 miles, which is about 160 kilometers.

How miles is there in 11000 meters?

11,000 metres = 6.84 miles

How many kilometers in 11000 miles?

6,835.08311 miles

How long is 11000 feet in miles?

2.0833 miles in 11,000 feet

How many miles is 11000 feet?

11,000 feet = 2.083 miles