Can two unlike terms be factored?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I don't know for sure, but I think the answer is no. Sorry if it is wrong!

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Q: Can two unlike terms be factored?
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When the letters and exponents in two terms do not match is called what?

Unlike terms, possibly.

What is a polynomial having two unlike terms?


Why can't 7x 5 be factored?

I will assume you mean 7x + 5. In general, a binomial (two terms) can ONLY be factored if both terms have a common factor, OR you have a difference of squares. No other cases are possible, since the product of two binomials is, in general, a trinomial (three terms). Since none of these special cases apply, the expression can't be factored.

A definition of difference of squares?

A difference of two squared terms, i.e.:a2 - b2This form can be factored into (a + b)(a - b).

Can you subtract unlike terms?

No. You can't subtract unlike terms

What is 3n2-48n 192 factored?

If that is + 192 then divide all terms by 3 and it is (x+8)(x+8) when factored

How do you combine unlike terms?

Unlike terms are terms in an equation that are different. These terms cannot be combined. Like terms, however, can be combined.

If terms are not like terms then they are?

Unlike terms.

Which of these terms is defined as a metaphor used in poetry to compare two unlike people or things?


How do you spell facterd?

The correct spelling is factored (reduced to smaller terms, or considered).

If Aunt has custody of kids will her boyfriends money be factored in when child support is ordered?

no, and she should be getting it from both the parents. also, unlike a case just involving parent, her income is also not factored in.

Can this be factored x2 x 1?

No, not in real terms.No, not in real terms.No, not in real terms.No, not in real terms.