Convert 4 34 to an improper fraction?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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4 and 3 fourths? That is nineteen over 4

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Q: Convert 4 34 to an improper fraction?
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How do you make a proper fraction into an improper fraction?

Ussaly when you have an improper fraction, you need to convert it into a mixed number, which means dividing out the parts that give you a whole number and leaving the extras in the fraction An exmple is 9/5, first you take out 5 from the top, to get a one, and are left with 4/5, so your answer is 1 4/5.

What is 4.5 as a improper fraction?

4.5 = 4 and 1/2 so, 2*4+1 in numerator; denominator does not change = 9/2 -------- as improper fraction

When the numerator is bigger than the denominator a fraction is?

There is no specific name. -3 is greater than -4 and (-3)/(-4) = 3/4 is a positive proper fraction. 3 is greater than -4 and 3/(-4) = -3/4 is a negative proper fraction. 3 is greater than -2 and 3/(-2) = -3/2 is a negative improper fraction. 4 is greater than 3 and 4/3 is a positive improper fraction. Thus, the fraction can be negative or positive, proper or improper.

What is 1.75 as a fraction in simple form?

1.75 as an improper fraction in simple form is 7/4

Why do you multiply the whole number by the denominator to get a mixed fraction?

You don't. But you do. When converting a mixed number into an improper fraction. A mixed fraction contains a whole number and a proper fraction, for example 23⁄4. To convert this to an 'improper' fraction, the whole number is multiplied by the denominator and added to the numerator to obtain the new numerator. See. but WHY? The denominator remains unchanged (unless, of course, you wish to simplify the fraction). This is unrelated! At no point did you actually provide an answer to this question.Continuing with the original example, for 23⁄4, (2 · 4 + 3) = 11, so the new fraction is 11⁄4.Ps. Anything in italics has been improved by another person.