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Bar graphs and line graphs do not.

Straight line, parabolic, and hyperbolic graphs are graphs of an equation.

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Q: Do graphs represent equations
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Are graphs representations of equations?

Line graphs may represent equations, if they are defined for all values of a variable.

How are graphs tables and equations related?

They are different ways to represent the answers of an equation

What does the solution represent when a system of equations has a single solution?

The graphs of the two equations have only one intersection point.

How are graphs and equations related?

Graphs help you solve equations, and equations help you solve graphs. Because the graph is a diagram of the equation, showing at its simplest the y answer for each value of x.

What is a family of graphs as a math definition?

Graphs and equations of graphs that have at least one characteristic in common.

Is it true that Graphs are representations of equations?


How can you tell linear equations are parallel?

Equations are never parallel, but their graphs may be. -- Write both equations in "standard" form [ y = mx + b ] -- The graphs of the two equations are parallel if 'm' is the same number in both of them.

How are table graphs and equations helpful when you with proportions?


How are tables graphs and equations helpful when you with proportions?


Explain why graphs are important?

graphs allow for an alternative visual method to solve mathematical equations.

What do you call the graphs that intersect at exactly one point which gives solution of the system?

They are straight line graphs that work out the solutions of 2 equations or simultaneous equations

When solving a system of equations by graphing how is the solution found?

The solution is the coordinates of the point where the graphs of the equations intersect.

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