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No, false. Any two straight lines that intersect define a plane in which both those lines lie.

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Q: Do two intersecting lines lie in two planes?
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Can two intersecting lines lie in two planes?

If they are straight lines, then they define a plane in which both lines lie.

Two lines in intersecting planes are skew.?

Two lines in two intersecting planes can be parallel, intersecting, or skew.

How many intersecting lines lie in two planes?

Think you just answered your own question. A plane is a line. Two planes= two lines.

What are two planes that intersect in a straight lines known as?

Intersecting planes!

How many planes are determined by two intersecting lines?


Is a railroad crossing a real-world example of two planes intersecting?

Not really. A railroad intersection would be an example of two lines intersecting. An example of two planes intersecting would be the ground and the side of a building or the ground and the railroad crossing sign post.

If to lines intersect how many planes contain both of the line?

Two intersecting straight lines uniquely define one single plane.

Draw two intersecting lines but not perpendicular?

draw two intersecting lines that are not perpendicular

Can a point lie on two different lines?

Yes as long as the two lines are intersecting at that point. For example if you looked at an x-y axis, the point (0,0) would lie on both the x and y axis or two different lines.

If two planes intersect then their intersection is a line Two planes are intersecting?


Chris draws an image of two lines that lie in the same plane. Which of these describes the image drawn by Chrisangle Parallel lines Intersecting lines Or perpendicular lines.?

C.intersecting lines

Can two lines exist that are not intersecting or parallel?

Yes, they can be two existing lines (not intersecting) and it can be parallel.