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Not really. A railroad intersection would be an example of two lines intersecting. An example of two planes intersecting would be the ground and the side of a building or the ground and the railroad crossing sign post.

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Q: Is a railroad crossing a real-world example of two planes intersecting?
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Which is a real-world example of two planes intersecting?

a rail-road crossing.

What is a Non-computing example of hierarchical organization in realworld?

What is a Non-computing example of hierarchical organization in realworld

What are examples of intersecting lines in the real world?

Roads are an example of intersecting lines in the real world.

Which is a real world example of two planes intersecting?

Two walls or a wall and floor of a room intersecting.

What problem would there be in your picture if the line were not parallel?

Parallel means lines that are avoiding each other (in other words, they don't touch.) So the problem would have to be the way the lines are going. If the lines were intersecting (or crossing) then that would be the problem.For example: You have a problem on a paper that asks you this same question:What problem would there be in your picture if the lines were not parallel?Answer: Then your lines would be an intersecting pair.Slight definition: If your lines are not parallel, then they would have to be intersecting. Intersecting is when two lines (line segments, angles, etc.) cross on each other. For example... they might make an X by forming together in this pattern. Parallel is when your lines are NOT touching. If they are, they would be considered our P/Intersecting. Standing for "Parallel and Intersecting lines."SRW!!

Where two lines meet example wall and ceiling?

intersecting lines.

Are metal rails an example of parallel intersecting and perpendicular lines?


What capital letter below is an example of intersecting lines?

X and T

How are perpendicular lines different from a intersecting lines?

They are not. The perpendicular bisectors of a triangle, for example, intersect at the orthocentre of the triangle. So perpendicular lines can be intersecting and conversely.

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For ease of reading, the form Rs is less confusing than rs. Example: "Railroad crossing look out for cars. Can you spell it without any Rs?"

What is an example of a line?

railroad tracks.

What contains at least two distinct intersecting lines?

The diagonals of a square is one example

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