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A right triangle can NEVER have two equal sides (in euclidean space). Triangles with two equal sides are known as isosceles triangles.

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Q: Does a right triangle have two equal sides?
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Does a right-angled triangle have any equal sides?

A right-angled triangle can have equal sides, but does not have to. A right-angled triangle with two equal sides CANNOT be an equilateral triangle. A right-angled triangle cannot be an equilateral triangle.Divide a square along the diagonal, and you are left with two right-angled triangles with two sides of equal length.

What is a right angles triangle with two equal sides?

a triangle..

A triangle has 1 right angle and 2 equal sides what two words describe this triangle?

A triangle with one right angle and two equal sides is called an isosceles right angled triangle.

Which of the triangle is a right angle triangle and has two equal sides?

It is an isosceles right angle triangle that has two equal sides which has two 45 degree angles and a 90 degree angle.

A triangle with 2 equal sides but no right angle?

a triangle with two sides the same length and no right angle

What is the one right angle and no equal sides?

The dimensions of any right angle triangle other than an isosceles right triangle which has two equal sides.

Does a right angle triangle have 2 equal sides?

Not necessarily. A triangle with two equal sides is called an isoceles triangle. A right triangle has one angle that measures 90 degrees.

How many equal sides does a right angle triangle have?

Two side are equal

What triangle have two equal sides?

An isosceles triangle has two equal sides

What is a triangle right equilateral scalene isosceles?

A triangle in which one angle is equal to 90o is called a right triangle. A triangle in which all sides are equal (or) all the angles are equal to 60o is called an equilateral triangle. A triangle in which any two sides or any two angles are equal is called an isosceles triangle. A triangle in which all the sides or angles are different is called a scalene triangle.

A triangle with no two equal sides?

A triangle with no equal sides is a scalene triangle.

Does a right angle triangle have equal sides?

No, all three sides of a right angle triangle cannot be equal. In a right angled triangle, the side opposite the right angle - the hypotenuse - will always be the longest side of the triangle. The remaining two sides may be equal to each other, but they don't have to be.