Example of dekaliter

Updated: 4/28/2022
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one dekaliter is approximately 10 liters

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a person's daily water intake

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Q: Example of dekaliter
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How much is a dekaliter?

your mom is a dekaliter

What is a volume that is .01 the volume of a dekaliter?

A dekaliter is 10 liters, so a volume .01 of a dekaliter is 1 deciliter (0.1 liter).

What is the abbreviation for dekaliter?

Dekaliter is a unit of measurement that is equivalent to 10 liters. This is the same as 2.64 gallons of liquid measurement. The abbreviation for dekaliter is dal.

1 dekaliter equals how many liters?

1 dekaliter equals to 10 liters

What is the difference between a dekaliter and a deciliter?

A dekaliter is equal to 10 liters, while a deciliter is equal to 0.1 liters. Therefore, a dekaliter is 100 times larger than a deciliter in volume.

What is something that weighs a dekaliter?

A dekaliter is a unit of volume and does not weigh anything on its own. It is equal to 10 liters of volume.

How many kiloliters in a dekaliter?


Smallest to largest kiloliter liter centiliter hectoliter millmliter deciliter dekaliter?

largest to smallest is kilometer, hectoliter,dekaliter,deciliter,centiliter,and millimeter. idk the rest but i learned this in 5th grade so sorry if this doesnt help

What would be equal to a dekaliter?

10 litres is the simplest answer.

How do you convert dekaliters to kiloliters?

To convert dekaliters to kiloliters, divide the number of dekaliters by 10. For example, if you have 50 dekaliters, dividing by 10 would give you 5 kiloliters.

What volume measurement comes after dekaliters?

A hectoliter comes after a dekaliter.

How many times greater is a dekaliter than a centiliter?