Factoring polynomials 9k2-12k plus 4

Updated: 4/28/2022
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(3k - 2)(3k - 2) or (3k - 2)2

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Q: Factoring polynomials 9k2-12k plus 4
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What strategies is appropriate for factoring polynomials with 4 terms?

A strategy that would be appropriate in factoring polynomials with 4 terms would be by grouping where you first determine if the polynomial can be factored by a group.

What is the factoring for 7x plus 4 x?

Very little factoring. 7X + 4X X(7 + 4) ======

How do you solve v squared plus 6v plus 8 equal 0?

In this case, the left part of the equation can easily be factored. If you are not familiar with factoring polynomials, use the quadratic formula.================================================v2 + 6v + 8 = 0(v + 4) (v + 2) = 0v = -4andv = -2

How do you finish factoring this expression 2xsquared plus 3x plus 8x plus 12?

(x + 4)(2x + 3)

What is 9x squared plus 16 when factoring?

9x squared plus 16 = 0 factored is plus and minus 4/3 i.

What is the factoring of 10x plus 5xx divided by xx-4?


Is 4 - 3x plus 5x2 a polynomial?

Yes. If you add, subtract or multiply (but not if you divide) any two polynomials, you will get a polynomial.

How do you Factor b12 plus 8?

Do you mean...? 12b + 8 4(3b + 2) ============( if you meant b12, then there is no factoring possible )

Factoring this expression as difference of squares c-6cd plus 9d-4?

(c - 3d - 2)(c - 3d + 2)

What is 16x plus 12x factored?

16X + 12X all I can see here is factoring out a 4X factor 4X(4 + 3) ---------------

Factoring this expression as difference of squares c2-6cd plus 9d2-4?

(c - 3d - 2)(c - 3d + 2)

How do you solve 4x2 minus 30x plus 45 by factoring?

The discriminant for the quadratic is b2-4ac = 302 - 4*4*45 = 900 - 720 = 180 Since 180 is not a perfect square, the roots of the equation are irrational and it is far from straightforward to solve such an equation by factoring.