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A strategy that would be appropriate in factoring polynomials with 4 terms would be by grouping where you first determine if the polynomial can be factored by a group.

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Q: What strategies is appropriate for factoring polynomials with 4 terms?
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What does factoring a polynomial mean?

It means finding numbers (constant terms), or polynomials of the same or smaller order that multiply together to give the original polynomial.

Hellllp meee. How do you add polynomials when you don't have any like terms?

Hellllp meee, how do you add polynomials when you don't have any like terms is a very common questions when it comes to this type of math. However, the polynomials can only be added if all terms are alike. No unlike terms can be added within the polynomials.

How many terms does polynomials have?


What are the rules in addition of polynomials?

Add together the coefficients of "like" terms. Like terms are those that have the same powers of the variables in the polynomials.

What are the operation of polynomials?

Adding and subtracting polynomials is simply the adding and subtracting of their like terms.

What is the distributive property when multiplying polynomials?

You just multiply the term to the polynomials and you combine lije terms

Polynomials are written with the exponents of the terms in order?


Rules in adding polynomials?

To add polynomials , simply combine similar terms. Combine similar terms get the sum of the numerical coefficients and affix the same literal coefficient .

Is two terms a polynomial if the definition says more than two terms. Is a bi-nomial not part of the set of polynomials?

Two terms is a binomial. More than two terms is a polynomial. Binomials are not part of the set of polynomials.

What are similar terms in polynomials?

They are terms in which each of the variables is raised to the same power (or exponent).

Putting mathematical terms in descending order?

evaluating polynomials

Give examples of some kinds of polynomials?

Binomials and trinomials are two types of polynomials. The first has two terms and the second has three.