Geta is a math function or string function?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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GetA is a math function and not a string function.

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Q: Geta is a math function or string function?
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How does math relate to String art?

string art includes geometry which is a type of math

Which is string function starchy or strlength?

The string function is strlength and it is evoked to return the length of a string.

How do you reverse a string in PHP without using a function?

Without any function is impossible. So I'll assume you mean any coded function, in which case the predefined function below is your answer.$string = strrev($string);

How is string art related to math?

It isn't.

What is a function change in math?


What function are used for string length in visual basic?

string length is a function use to check the lenght of a string i.e number of alphabets in a word or sentence.

What is the math relations in string art?

The angles and the geometric shapes that the string makes is in relation to geometry.

How string can be passed to a function in c?

between parentheses: funname ("string")

Reverse of a string without using string handling function?


What is a factor string in math?


What are the ways in describing a function?

A formula or graph are two ways to describe a math function. How a math function is described depends on the domain of the function or the complexity of the function.

Which text function replaces text in a string?

The REPLACE function.