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There are no "following" data!

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Q: How do you Write an equation in the form of y equals kx for the following data?
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A set of data points has an equation of equals -1.5 plus 2.5x?


Why can't you use two data points to write the equation of a line?

Actually, two separate points are enough to determine the line.

How can you model data with a linear equation?

by figuring out the equation

How do you write the equation for normal distribution data in excel?

y=(1/(sqrt(2*22/7)))*((e)power-((X squred)/2))

What kind of data do you write on a data table?

you can write any type of data you want

Draw a scatter plot of the data and dtaw a line that corresponds closely to the data and write an equation of the line?

x 7.1 8.1 3.0 8.5 3.4 8.9 4.0 9.6 4.1 9.8 4.8 5.2

How do you store data in c?

Write your data to a data file.

How can you put equation in a sentence?

I could not figure out the math equation. The new data did not fit the existing equation. An equation can be a math formula or standard method.

Which of the following is not a registry data type?

The following is not a registry data type: String Array.

How do you insert data in middle of file in java?

One way to do it would be as follows: * Read the entire file to a String variable * Write the data before the insertion point * Write the data to be inserted * Write the data after the insertion point Probably the following would be more efficient: * Read the part of the file after the insertion point, to a String variable * Write the data to be inserted * Write the data after the insertion point Perhaps some classes have methods that can automate this, from the point of view of the programmer. But if you want to INSERT something, it's unavoidable to have the overhead of reading the data after the insertion point, and writing it back again. This assumes you use a text file; when working with a database, there are other, usually more efficient, options.

What are data series?

A data series is a collection of data, most likely numbers, that you would use to graph or solve an equation.

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Dear Team, Kindly provide me how to write political bio data..