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Multiply the numerator by 100 and divide the answer by the denominator:

eg ratio of 3:5 = 3/5 = 300/5 = 60%

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10% = 10 : 100 or 1 : 10

15% = 15 : 100 or 1.5 : 10 or 3 : 20

27.5% = 27.5 : 100 or 55 : 200 or 11 : 40


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divide by 100

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Q: How do you convert a ratio into a percentage?
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How do you convert 1 3 4 ratio to percentage?

As a percentage ratio they are: 12.5% 37.5% and 50% respectively

How do you convert a percentage to a ratio?

Same way u convert a percentage to a fraction ie: 0.25= 1:4 or 1/4

How do you convert International Units to percentage?

you don't. a percentage is a ratio or comparison of two 'things' measured with the same units so you cannot take a single unit and convert if to a percentage.

Convert ratio to percent?

To convert ratio to percentage use the following method for a ratio where a:b means the same as a/b, then percentage = ( a / ( 1 - a ) ) x 100 so for a/b = 0.37 then percentage = (0.37 / (1 + 0.37)) x 100 = 27% a/b = 0.5, % = 0.33 a/b = 1, % = 0.5

How do you calculate sponge iron metalization?

It is the ratio of metallic iron to the total iron ,convert in percentage

How do you convert percents into ratio?

Divide the percentage by 100 and simplify. For example 24% = 24/100 = 6/25

How do you convert the ratio into a percent?

Multiply the ratio by 100 and convert to decimal form (or convert and then multiply).

What is the ratio of two measurements having different units of measurement?

If you have two items using different units of measurement, you must first convert to the same type in to percentage. Then, you can compare the ratio, It is called coefficient of variability. For example if you want to compare length with weight of two variables or populations, then first convert the measurements in percentage and then go for comparision.

How do you convert a ratio to decimal?

Convert the ratio to fraction first, then convert the fraction to decimal. Example: ratio = 3 : 4 3 : 4 = 3/4 = 0.75

How do you convert SGPA to percentage?


How do you get a percentage from an amount?

A percentage is a ratio. You cannot obtain a ratio from an amount. You have something to compare it to. For instance, if you have 4 slices of pizza out of a pie that had 8 slices you have 4/8 of the pizza. To convert it to a percentage you divide the numerator by the denominator (4 divided by 8) and then multiply by 100. This gives you 50, so you have 50% of the pizza.

How can you convert 9.6 cgpa to percentage?

convert 9.6 into percentage