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1 Get your number

2 hit the catalog key (2nd key + custom key)

3 press up to go to the bottom of the list

4 scroll til you see the ">frac" command

5 hit enter

If you plan on using the fraction conversion feature a lot, you can make it a "custom" command, which works sort of like a hot key. Do the above steps, skipping step 5. Instead, hit F3 (which corresponds to the "CUSTM" command on the screen) with ">frac" selected. Then select which F key you want for it to occupy (F1-F5). Whenever you need to convert a fraction (or any of the commands) you can hit the "Custom" key and it will have 5 boxes on the bottom of the screen that you can use the F keys to choose an action.

Possibly wrong answers follow. These may be instructions for other models of calculator.

Type in your fraction then hit MATH > ENTER > ENTER


.8 > MATH > ENTER > ENTER 4/5

alternate solution, since I don't know how the above one works.

Type in your fraction then hit MATH > MISC/f5 > MORE> Frac/f1>ENTER


.8 > MATH > MISC/f5 > MORE> Frac/f1>ENTER 4/5

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Q: How do you convert decimals to fractions on the TI-85?
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