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Q: How do you solve the equation 2x 3y5 into standard form?
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What is the slope o the line 2x-3y5?

If you mean 2x-15y 0, then y (-2/15)x and dy/dx -(2/15). If you mean something else, you need to clarify the expression 3y5.

How do you factor 3y5-48y3?

3y^3(y - 4)(y + 4)

How do you solve 2x-3y5 and -6x 9y12 using the linear sombination method?

This system is inconsistent. There is no solution. 2x - 3y = 5 -6x + 9y = 12 Multiply the top equation by 3: 6x - 9y = 15 add the two equations together: 6x - 6x - 9y + 9y = 5 + 12 0 = 17 Which is a contradiction. Therefore the lines never intersect, and the solution is the empty set.

Which statement is true about the system x-3y5 and yx-7?

That they are both algebraic expressions because they do not contain any equality signs.

How do you solve 2 step inqualities by 6 3y5?

Unfortunately, the browser used for posting questions does not accept most mathemetical symbols so it is not posible to answer the question as it appears. Please resubmit it using words, such as "plus", "minus", "to the power". Also, use open and closed brackets or parentheses since x plus y squared could mean x + y2 or (x + y)2.

How do you solve 6 plus 3y5?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "equals", "squared", "cubed" etc. Please use "brackets" (or parentheses) because it is impossible to work out whether x plus y squared is x + y2 of (x + y) 2.

Write an indirect proof for the following given 4y divided by6y 6 equals 20 prove y not equal to -1?

Assuming the given is written as: 4y/6y6=20 First off, this can be simplified down to: 2/3y5=20 Since this is an indirect proof, we must first assume the opposite of what you are trying to prove. You are trying to prove that y is not equal to -1. Let y=-1 If this was done, then the following substitution would be made: 2/3(-1)5=20 2/3(-1)=20 2/(-3)=20 -2/3 =20 Clearly, -2/3 does not equal 20. Since y=-1 causes a mathematically impossible statement, then y cannot equal -1. As far as formatting it for a formal indirect proof, I'm no help there. Different teachers like different formatting.