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22 stamps

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Q: How many different amounts of postage can you make out of 4 three cent stamps and 3 five cent stamps?
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You have 4 three-cent stamps and 3 five-cent using one or more of these stamps how many different amounts of postage can you make?

356891011121314151617181921222427total 22 different amounts of postage

You have four 25 stamps and three 30 stampshow many different amounts of postage can you have?

If you have four 25 stamps and three 30 stamps altogether it would by worth 190.

I have four 3cent stamps and three 4cent stampsusing one or more of these stamps how many ammounts of postage can you make?


How many stamps do you use to mail a letter to Arabia?

The postage to send a letter from the United States to the United Arab Emirates is $1.15. You would need to use three stamps, or you could go to the post office and let them apply the postage which would cost a little less than the price of three stamps.

How do you know how many stamps to use?

Postage is determined by weight and by size. An envelope with three pieces of normal paper can normally be sent with one first class postage stamp. Additional stamps may be required based on additional ounces and on the size of the envelope.

Could you use two forty-one cent stamps to cover your letter postage?

Yes, but that would be foolish. Buy some one-cent stamps to make up the 42 cent postage and save those 41 cent stamps.

How many postage stamps do you need?

If you buy the stamps and never use them, that's to many, if you buy stamps you think you might need and never use, that's to many, if you buy stamps just to have and admire them, that's collecting and your in the wrong section of WikiAnswers, you belong in collectibles.

How many stamps do you put when you send a letter to united kingdom from san Diego?

Three 44- cent or forever stamps will work, but the postage is only 98 cents- you would wasting 34 cents. You can buy 98-cents stamps or 10-cent stamps at the PO.

Which three former Georgia Senators were depicted on postage stamps?

Abraham Baldwin Walter F. George Richard B. Russell, Jr.

What would one pound buy in 1961?

Over three gallons of petrol. Eighty postage stamps for an inland letter. Twelve pints of Bitter.

How many stamps to mail to Australia?

Postage is 98 cents for a standard letter from the US. You can buy a 98-cent stamps or use any combination that totals 98 cent or more. For example two forever stamps plus a 10-cent stamp. If all you have is forever stamps, you would have to use three of them.

How many different ways can you buy three attached stamps?