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With a triangle base there are four sides including the base

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Q: How many faces does a pyramid with a triangular base have?
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How many faces does a triangular base pyramid have?

4 the base and 3 sides

How many faces for a triangular pyramid?

There are four faces in a triangular pyramid.

How many triangular faces does a triangular pyramid have?

a triangular pyramid has 4 triangular sides

How many faces does a triangular prism have?

A prism is the body formed by the translation (movement along a line - in this case a straight line) of a shape. There will be two bases and as many lateral faces as the base has sides.Therefore, a triangular prism has 5 faces: 2 bases and 3 lateral faces.A triangular prism has 5 faces.Well you basically add up all the sides and your answer should be 5!5.One at each end and one for each side of the triangles giving 2 + 3 = 55 (three rectangular faces and two triangular bases)That is a simple question...there are five faces on a triangular prism.A triangular prism is a three dimensional shape that has five faces. These faces include two bases and three side aces.5 Faces5 facesIt has 3 rectangles and 2 triangles which mean it has 5 Facesthere are 5 facesThere are three faces on a triangular prism* * * * *There are three lateral faces and two end faces making 5 faces in has 4 facesThere are 6 faces and edges on a triangular prism* * * * *I disagree.4, a face is the surface of a 3d object. This object is basically a triangular based pyramid. the bottom is a face and the 3 triangles that it makes up have one face each to then equal 4When you think of a prism, it is helpful to think of a long box. So the ends of the box are triangle shaped and middle corresponds with connecting the edges of the triangles on the end. So 3 for the middle and one on each end. 5 faces total.55It has 5 faces if you add the top the bottom and the 3 sides you should get 5 so 5 is ur answer.4A prism with an n-sided base will have 2n vertices, n + 2 faces, and 3n edges.54 faces* * * * *5, actually.35 faces, 5 points and 8 lines. hope this helped(:A triangular prism has 5 faces -- The front, the back, and three sides.Think about a rectangular prism (like a cube). That has a front, a back, and four additional sides.A triangular prism is a three sided prism. It is a polyhedron made of a triangular bases, a translated copy and three faces joining sides.5, the two end triangles then three rectangles.A triangular based prism has 5 faces5The triangular prism has 5 faces.Four. Three sides and a base.A triangular prism has 5 faces.Five - the two triangle faces and the three faces for the sides.3

How many corners has a triangular pyramid?

All true pyramids are triangular and they all have 4 points/corners.

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Name 3 solids that have triangular faces tell how many triangular faces each one have.?

1. triangular prism it has 2 triangular faces. 2.triangular base pyramid, it has 5 triangular faces. 3. square base pyramid, it has 4 triangular faces.

Pyramid has how many faces?

that depends, if it has a square base, it has four faces. but if it has a triangular base, it has three faces.

How many flat surfaces does a pyramid have?

a pyramid with a triangular base has 4 faces. a pyramid with a square base has 5 faces.

How many of faces edges and vertices of triangular pyramid?

A triangular base pyramid has 4 faces, 6 edges and 4 vertices

How many faces does a octagon based pyramid have?

A pyramid will have as many triangular faces as the number of sides its base has, plus one in the shape of its base. This means an octagon based pyramid has nine faces (eight triangular ones plus the octagon base).

How many shapes of faces does a square pyramid and a triangular prism have?

Square Pyramid has a square base and 4 triangular sides. Triangular Pyramid has a triangle base and 3 triangular sides.

How many faces does a triangular- based pyramid has?

Including the base it has 4 faces

How many faces does a pyramid have and what are the shapes of the faces?

a pyramid has for faces and a base so all in all 5 faces the four on the outside are triangular and the base is square :)

How many base of a triangular pyramid?

There are four triangular faces, of which any one can be a base at any instant.

How many flat faces does a triangle base pyramid have?

Four(4). It is formally named as a 'tetrahedron'. There is the triangular base ; one side. and three triangular faces m aking for a total of four faces. A square based 'pyramid' is formally a 'pyramid'. A square base and four triangular faces.

How many faces does a triangular base pyramid have?

4 the base and 3 sides

How many faces does a triangular based have?

If you mean a triangular pyramid then it has four faces, one base and three sides.