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4n3 - 12n2 - 7n + 9

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Q: How would you arrange the following terms in descending order 9 - 12n2 plus 4n3 - 7n?
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Polynomials are written with the exponents of the terms in order?


Putting mathematical terms in descending order?

evaluating polynomials

Polynomials are written with the exponents of the terms in what type of order?

descending form

To write a polynomial in standard form write the exponents of the in descending order?


Do you have to arrange in order the terms in algebraic expressions before adding?


What is a polynomial whose terms are placed in descending order largest degree to smallest degree?

They are placed largest to smallest.

When can we say that a polynomial function is in standard form?

Each power should appear only once (for example, only one term which contains x cubed); the powers should be in descending order.

Descending geometric sequence?

A descending geometric sequence is a sequence in which the ratio between successive terms is a positive constant which is less than 1.

To set up long division of polynomials you should make sure that each polynomial is written in order and has no missing terms?

Make sure that each polynomial is written is DESCENDING order. *Apex student*

How do you find the leading term of a polynomial?

If the polynomial is in terms of the variable x, then look for the term with the biggest power (the suffix after the x) of x. That term is the leading term. So the leading term of x2 + 5 + 4x + 3x6 + 2x3 is 3x6 If you are likely to do any further work with the polynomial, it would be a good idea to arrange it in order of the descending powers of x anyway.

What polynomial has more than three terms?

A polynomial of order 3 (a cubic) or higher can have more than three terms. However, the the following polynomial, even though of order 7, has only 2 terms: x7 - 23.

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When writing a paragraph using chronological order, the use of temporal words is needed. Sentences can include the terms first, next, then, after that, and finally, among others.