How would you write 3 squared?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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3 × 3 = 32

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Q: How would you write 3 squared?
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How do you write exponent in laptop?

To write an exponent on a laptop you would use the "^" key. For example, "3^2" would be "three squared."

Why is brayani wrong when she says when x equals 3 the value of 4x squared is 36?

She isn't. 4x squared is 4 times (x squared). That is, 4 times (3 squared) = 4 times 9. If you want it to be the square of 4x (which would be the square of 4 times 3, ie, 12), you have to write it as (4x)squared.

How do you write this in decimal form 7.73x 10-3 squared?

It is 0.0000597529

When you write a squared number is the power 2 3 or 4?


Does 3 4 6 make a right triangle?

No. For it to work, then 3 squared and 4 squared would have to be equal to 6 squared. 4 squared=16 3 squared= 9 9+16= 25 6 squared= 36.

How do you write 5 squared?

its like 5 to the second power. 52 what ever square it is you multiply it by its self example 3 squared =3 to the power of 3= 3x3=9

How would you write nine squared as a product?

9 x 9

How would you write 3 times the sum of x and y squared plus 5 times the difference of 2x and y in verbal exprestion?

That verbal expression would read: 3(x+y)^2 + 5(2x -y) ^2 means 'squared' in the above example.

How do you write three fourths squared in exponent form?


How do you write 20 squared in exspanded form?


How do you write 900 in expanded notation using exponents?

900 = 9 x 100 9 can be written as 3 to the power of 2 100 can be written as 10 to the power of 2 It is then written as (3 squared) x (10 squared) I cannot with the editor we use show how to write 3 squared or 10 squared but I hope you know ( 3 superscript 2) x (10 superscript 2).

How do you write 4410 as a prime factorization using exponents?

2 x 3 squared x 5 x 7 squared = 4410