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So you are looking to find the perimeter of the square.

Since the area of the square is 118.81 m2, then the perimeter is 4(√(118.81 m2) = 43.6 m.

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Q: How much fencing would be required to fence a square field with an area of 118 sq meters and 81 sq decimeters?
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How many decimeters make 1 square meter?

100 square meters

How many sguare decemeters make 1 sguare meter?

That is called "square decimeters" and "square meters". Since one meter has 10 decimeters, one square meter has 10 x 10 = 100 square decimeters.

If a rectangle measures 7 meters 3 decimeters in length and 4 meters 2 decimeters in width what is the area in square meters?

30.66 sq meters You just multiply the two values.

How much fencing would be required to fence a square field with an area of 118 sq meter and 81 sq decimeters?

These questions are asking you to calculate the perimeter, which is the total length of all sides. For the first field, you can calculate the answer by calculating the square root of the area (for 118 = 10.86), which gives the length of each side. Since they are all equal on a square, multiplying this value by 4 will give the perimeter: 43.45 m. For the second, the calculations work the same way. If working with decimeters is nerve-wracking you could convert to meters by multiplying by 10, but remember that your answer would be in meters. The square root of 81 is 9. 9 x 4 = 36 decimeters.

How many square decimals make 1 square meter?

I suppose you mean square decimeters. Since a meter has 10 decimeters, a square meter has 100 square decimeters.

How many square decimeters equals one square meter?

ten decimeters

75 square yards equals how many decimeters?

6270.955 square decimeters

How many square meters required to store 5000 cubic meters?

You can't convert between square meters and cubic meters.

Convert 4 square meters to square decimeters?

There are 100 square decimetres in one square metre. Therefore, 4 square metres is equal to 4 x 100 = 400 square decimetres.

A rectangular animal pen will be built using 200 meters of fencing If one side of the rectangle is 60 meters find the area of the pen?

2400 square meters

How many sq meters required for 17ftx14ft?

22.1 square meters.

How many square decimeters in 24 m?

doesn't work Square decimeter is area, meters is length. You can't compare different types of units like that.