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v equals m divided by p

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Q: If p equals m divided v then what does v equal?
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Can you explain S equals p plus m and m equals p divided by 5?

The problem as stated does not allow for a solution for the value of S, however, the problem can at least be somewhat simplified. If m = p/5, then p + m can also be written as p + p/5, which simplifies to 1.2p so S = 1.2p

What is momentum is equal to?

Momentum equals mass times velocity, it is sometimes written as p=m*v.

Would someone please Solve for Q p equals 2 divided by m plus Q?

I'm on it . . .p = 2 / (m + q)Multiply each side by (m + q) :p (m + q) = 2Divide each side by 'p' :m + q = 2/pSubtract 'm' from each side:q = 2/p - m

What is nx-m equals p for x?

nx - m = p so x = (m+p)/n

Given the formula M equals NOP what is the formula for p?

P= M/No

What does the variables P equals F divided by A mean?

Pressure equals force divided by area.

What is the formula for calculation density?

== == D equals m divided by V where D stands for Density, m stands for mass, and V stands for Volume. D=m/vAs density is defined as mass per unit volume, therefore :d = m/v ,where d = density ; m = mass ; v = volumeThe greater the density , the more is the mass per unit volume.The density formula calculate using the formula p=m/v, or density (p) is equal to mass(m) divided by volume (V)

5p divided by 7- 18 equals equals -43?

The expression 5p divided by 7- 18 equals -43 can be written as (5p / (7-18)) = -43. To solve for p, we need to simplify the denominator first. The denominator is equal to -11, so the equation becomes 5p / -11 = -43. Multiply both sides by -11 and divide by 5 to find that p is equal to -209/5.

What is v if p equals mv?

If: p = mv Then: v = p/m

What does p plus p equal?

It equals 2p because p+p=2p.

Does voltage divided by watts equal the current?

Electric power is not defined as current divided by voltage. Electric power (Watts) is equal to amps times voltage

When p equals 7 what is 3p-25 over 2?

If p = 7 then 3p must equal 21. So 21 - 25 = -4 and -4 divided by 2 = -2