Importance of congruency in daily life?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is a very broad question. Generally, 'congruence' means 'agreeing'. Example: Many believe that congruence of religious affiliation increases the stability of a marriage. In other words, if you and your spouse are of the same religion, then your marriage will probably last longer.

I assume, however, that you mean congruence, in the mathematical sense: figures (such as triangles) are congruent if all their parts (angles and sides) are equal; one may be over-laid on the other, and they will look alike.

The importance of that and all mathematical concepts in your daily life will depend very much on what sort of daily life you have. Thousands of generations have survived without ever knowing anything about congruence; perhaps you prefer a primitive life, as a woodcutter in the forest, perhaps, or pumping petrol at the nearest full-serve petrol station, where no one will reduce your pay for not knowing anything about congruent triangles.

However, if you walk over a highway bridge, designed by an engineer, or ride in a car or train or aeroplane or seek surgery at the nearest hospital or even walk into such a building as an hospital or hotel or school or public building: you may then have reason to be glad that somebody knows about congruent triangles, so that the building may not collapse over your head or the bridge may not collapse under your feet or so that the miracle medical machine they use on you at the hospital may not fry you to a crisp or make you glow in the dark. But perhaps you are able to lead your entire life without ever doing any of these things.

Now, without congruent triangles, there would be almost no geometry or trigonometry; without geometry and trigonometry, there would be almost no calculus or differential equations or statistics or physics or any form of advanced science or engineering or medicine or economics. Even if you don't want to spend the time in school or make your living in any of these fields, you may well be glad that other people do and are paid for their knowledge.

Can you survive without knowing the concepts of mathematics, including that of congruence of figures? Of course, you can, and many people do. Is your life affected by the existence of these concepts and by people who understand them? You would have to be a hermit in the wood or in the desert, for them not to affect you.

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Q: Importance of congruency in daily life?
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