In algebra a 3a

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3a is part of an algebra equation. It mean the variable "a" time 3. to solve, you need to know the value of a. if the value of a is 5 the 3a would be 3 x 5 which is 15.

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Q: In algebra a 3a
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What is 3a plus 4b plus 6a plus 3b in algebra?

9a + 7b *remember to look and understand the letters!*

Are 3a and -5a like terms?


What is 3a plus 2b?

3a + 2b is an expression in algebra. If you make 3a + 2b equal to something then you can find the values of "a" and "b" Lets say you make 3a + 2b equal to 23 3a + 2b = 23 Now find "a" and "b" to make this equation true... 3(5) + 2(4) = 23 15 + 8 = 23 23 = 23 Correct So in this case a=5 and b=4

What does the letter a stand for in algebra?

The variable.In algebra a can represent a number - any number, it does not have to have a value like 6 or 31¼ until you have worked one out.You could say, what is a if 3a + 6 = 24? Mathematicians like that kind of problem but if you learn how to solve it, it is a powerful thing that you can use for different problems.3a + 6 = 24 can also be written as 3a = 18, so a = 6 is the solution. It is also the solution to the question: what is the number that if you triple it and add 6, the answer is 24? by doing the algebra, you get the answer 6 quite quickly, but the good thing about algebra is that it gives a framework for solving much more difficult questions as well, that you can't do in your head.

What is 3aยฒ 3aยฒ?

3a^2 + 3a^2 = 6a^2 3a^2 - 3a^2 = 0 3a^2 x 3a^2 = 9a^4 3a^2 divided by 3a^2 = 1

What is the answer in 4a 29 - 3a - a 3a?

If you mean: 4a +29 -3a -a +3a then it simplifies to 29 +3a

What is a plus 3a-2 plus 3a simplified?

7a minus 2, if "3a-2" means 3a minus 2. 3a plus 1 and 1-3rd in parenthesis times 3a, if "3a-2" means 3a squared. a plus 3a squared plus 3a = 1-3rd times 3a plus 3a times 3a plus 1 times 3a = 3a plus 1 and 1-3rd in parenthesis times 3a

What is 3a X 3a X 3a X 3a?


What is a x a x a simplified?

a x a x a = a3

What is 30 percent of a is 22.05.w hat is the original price?

Your equation would look like this: .3a = 22.05 After that, it's just a matter of algebra: $73.50

What is 3a plus 2b-4a plus b?

The given expression can be simplified to: 3b-a

Simplify a plus 3a-2 plus 3a?

a + 3a - 2 + 3a. Add the a + 3a + 3a = 7a. You can't combine the -2 & 7a so the solution is: 7a - 2.

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