Is 2pi rational

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NO. pi is an irrational number, therefore, 2pi is also an irrational number/

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Q: Is 2pi rational
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Is the quotient of two irrational numbers rational?

In general, no. It is possible though. (2pi)/pi is rational. pi2/pi is irrational. The ratio of two rationals numbers is always rational and the ratio of a rational and an irrational is always irrational.

Can the quotient of two irrational numbers be rational?

Yes. 2*pi is irrational, pi is irrational, but their quotient is 2pi/pi = 2: not only rational, but integer.

What is the reciprocal of 2pi?

Reciprocal of 2pi = 1/(2pi) = 0.159155(rounded)

Is negative 2pi a rational number?

No. The number pi is irrational, and if you multiply an irrational number by a non-zero rational number (in this case, -2), you will get another irrational number.As a general guideline, most calculations that involve irrational numbers will again give you an irrational number.

What is cos 2pi?

The cos of 2pi is 360 degrees which is 1.

Does percents are rational or irrational?

It depends on the percentage. A 1 cm arc of a circle whose radius is 1 cm will represent 100*1/(2pi) % = 50/pi % and that is an irrational percentage. A semicircular arc of the same circle will represent 50%, which is rational.

What is pi added to pi over two?


What is the circumference of a circle with a 2pi radius?

The circumference of a circle with a 2pi radius is: 39.58

What is cos -2pi?


How do you find the radius if circumference is given?

Divide the circumference by 2PI to find the radius. ( C = 2PI*Radius)

Is 2Pi r the same as Pi r squared?

No. 2Pi r is equal to Pi d, though.

What is the ratio of the circumferences for two circles with areas 6 pi m2 and 150 pi m2?

area = 2pi*r2circumference = 2pi*rThe ratio of their circumferences will be 2pi*r1 /2pi*r2 = r1/r21) r2 = 6pi/2pi = 3. r1 = root(3).2) r = 150pi/2pi = 75. r2 = root(75)So the ratio of their circumferences isr1/r2 = root(3)/root(75)

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