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3X = 5Y

solve for Y

Y = 3/5X

this is by definition a linear equation solved. You can plat this straight line on a graph.

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Q: Is 3x equals 5y a linear equation?
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Is it true that if 3x equals 5y is a linear function?

Yes, 3x = 5y is a linear function.

What is -3x-5y equals 21?

It is a linear equation in two dimensional space. Such an equation defines a line in 2-d

How to Solve the equation for y 3x-5y equals 15?

3x-5y=15 The equation-5y=15-3x Subtract 3x from both sidesy=-3+.6x Divide both sides by -5

How do you Rewrite this equation 3x plus 5y equals 7?

3X + 5Y = 75Y = - 3X + 7Y = (-3/5)X + 7/5==================equation of the line

How do you find out if 3x equals 5y is a linear equation?

3x = 5y3x/5 = 5y/5(3/5)x = y ory = (3/5)x + 0 is a linear equation of the form y = mx + b, where the slope, m, is 3/5, and the y-intercept, b, is 0.

How do you Solve the equation for 3x-5y equals 13?

Solved for y: y=(3x-13)/5 Solved for x: x=(5y+13)/3

What is the solution of this linear system 3x plus 5y equals -1 2x-5y equals 16?

3x + 5y = -1 2x - 5y = 16 Add the two equations: 5x = 15 or x = 3 Substitute for x in the first equation: 3*3 + 5y = -1 15 + 5y = -1 5y = -10 so y = -10/5 = -2 The solution is (x, y) = (3, -2)

What is the x-intercept of this equation 3x 5y 9?

The x-intercept is the point where the y-intercept is zero. "3x 5y 9" is not an equation. 3x+5y+9, or 3x-5y+9, are examples of what was meant to be shown.

How do you rewrite this equation so that y is a function of x -- 3x plus 5y equals 7?

Because of the limitations of the question software, it was not possible to determine what the original equation was supposed to be, so we assumed it is 3x + 5y = 7. It could have just as easily been 3x - 5y = 7, or even 3x/5y = 7.So, let's solve them all for x.3x + 5y = 73x = 7 - 5yx = (7 - 5y)/3How about 3x - 5y = 7?3x - 5y = 73x = 7 + 5yx = (7 + 5y)/3And 3x/5y = 7?3x/5y = 73x = 35yx = 35y/3 Solving for y The above equations wrote the equation so that x is a function of y, not the other way around. Here's how to rewrite the equation so that y is a function of x: 3x + 5y = 7 5y = -3x + 7 y = (-3x + 7)/5

What is -5y plus 8 equals 13?

It is a linear equation with a single variable, y.

What is the equation of the line that goes through 3 1 and is parallel to the line 3x plus 5y equals 6?

Known equation: 3x+5y = 6 or y = -3/5x +6/5 Slope of equation: -3/5 Slope of parallel equation: -3/5 Parallel equation: y-1 = -3/5(x-3) => 5y = -3x+14 Parallel equation in its general form: 3x+5y-14 = 0

Is 5y 2x plus 3x a linear equation?

No because it's an algebraic expression that contains 3 terms.

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