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Most "quartic" functions will give you a M- or a w- shaped graph.

Try y = x^4 -4x^2 for a W-shape, and y = -x^4 + 4x^2 for a M-shape.

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Q: Is there an equation that could make a graph with a shape of a w or an m?
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If you wanted to make the graph of y 3x plus 1 steeper which equation could you use?

y=7x+1 ( apex )

If you wanted to make the graph of y 6x plus 7 less steep which equation could you use?

y = 2x +7

Solve y x2 - x - 6?


What are the steps for writing the equation of a function from a graph?

1. Decide if the graph looks like any standard type of graph you've seen before. Is it a type of sine or cosine? A quadratic? A circle or ellipse? A line? An exponential? (You get the idea.) If you can't find a standard type to match your desired graph, pick one that looks close to it and recognize that you will be doing an approximation to your function.2. Once you have an idea of what you're graph should be like, think about the equations that are used to describe that graph. Where do the numbers go and how do they affect how the graph looks/moves/ behaves? Some functions, such as circles, hyperbolas, and quadratics, have standard equations with variables based on the important features of the graph (such as the center, maximums or minimums).3. Find the important and/or interesting parts of the graph and use them in the equation. As stated before, ellipses and such have special equations to describe them. Sines and cosines require the amplitude, frequency, and phase shift.4. Check your equation if you can. It's always good to plug a few of the points that are in your graph to make sure your equation is accurate. It's especially good to try out points you did NOT use to find your equation. If it works for these, then you probably did it right.

How do you graph y equals x squared minus 4?

its a simple parobola symmetric about y axis, having its vertex at (0,-4). we can make its graph by changing its equation in standard form so that we can get its different standard points like vertex, focus, etc.

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What shape does the quadratic graph make?

The graph of a quadratic equation has the shape of a parabola.

How do you make the equation for a line graph?


What is the graph of the equation?

The graph of an equation is all of the answers that are true for the equation. A variable is an unknown number in an equation. Most equations are written with x and y variables. There are an unlimited amount of numbers that the variables can be to have the equation be true, so you would graph the equation to show the unlimited amount of numbers that make the equation true.

What are 3 different methods that can graph a linear equation?

You could put the equation in slope-intercept form or in parent linear function or even make a table of values.

If you wanted to make the graph of y 3x plus 1 steeper which equation could you use?

y=7x+1 ( apex )

If you wanted to make the graph of y 6x plus 7 less steep which equation could you use?

y = 2x +7

What is the collection of all x y points that make the equation a true statement?


How do i graph y- 4= 2(x-1)?

the equation should be y =-4/2x+1 that is a way to make it easier to graph

Why are linear equations infinite?

When you graph a linear equation, you make a line. A line continues infinitely.

What equation will make a heart on a coordinate graph?


What points make a vertical line on a graph?

any points along the line described by the equation x=anything will give you a vertical line on a graph

How do you make graph from an equation in Matlab?

Initially, the equation can be directly realized using Matlab source code. Then various inputs can be applied to it. These values can easily be plotted on a graph using plot or stem command in Matlab.

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