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Your polygon has 60 sides. Total interior angles 116 x 90 = 10440 degrees.

This works because interior angles of any n-sided polygon total (2n - 4 right angles or 180n - 360 degrees

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Q: Regular polygon with 174 degrees interior?
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What’s the interior size of a 60 side regular polygon?

174 degrees

How many sides does a regular polygon have if the measures of the interior angle is 174 degrees?

If each interior angle measures 174 degrees then it will have 60 sides

What polygon has an interior angle of 174?

If its a regular polygon then it is a 60-agon

What is the number of sides a regular polygon have with an interior angle of 174?

Interior angle = 174 so exterior angle = 180-174 = 6 degrees. Therefore, number of sides = 360/exterior angle = 360/6 = 60 sides.

If the measure of one interior angle of a regular polygon is 174 degrees how many sides does the polygon have?

Interior angles of n-sided regular polygon = (180n - 360)/n which in this case = 174Cross-multiplying gives 174n = 180n - 360 which simplifies to 6n = 360 so your polygon has 60 sides.

What is the measure of one interior angle sum of a regular 60-gon?

The sum of the interior angles of any regular polygon of n sides is equal to 180(n - 2) degrees. That makes the sum in this case 10440 degrees and one angle would be 174 degrees.

How many sides does a regular polygon have if one of its interior angles measures 174?

It will have 60 sides

How many sides in a polygon whose interior angle is 174?

It could be three. It could be a triangle with angles of 174, 3 and 3 degrees. If it is a REGULAR polygon, though, there is a more specific answer. Interior angle = 174 deg implies exterior angle = 6 deg. Sum of ext angles = 360 deg so there must be 360/6 = 60 sides to the polygon.

How many sides would a regular polygon have if the interior angle is 174?

It wil have: 360/6 = 60 sides

What is a polygon exterior angel when its interior is 174?


Each angle of a certain regular polygon measures 174 How many sides does it have?

If each angle is 174, then it bends (180 - 174) 6 degrees every time, and to bend it around all the way through 360 degrees, would take 360/6, 60, times.So, your polygon has 60 sides.

Interior angles of a 60-gon?

174 degrees

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