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It's because we don't measure it directly but use measurements of two lengths to compute result. Our area mesurement depends then on precision of some other measured quantities.

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Q: To find the area of a rectangle multiply the length by the width Why is area called a derived quantity?
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Is voltage a derived quantity?

No, voltage is not a derived quantity. It is a fundamental physical quantity that represents the electric potential difference between two points in a circuit. Voltage is measured in volts and is a key parameter in electricity and electronics.

Why is area called derived quantity?

An area, in its simplest form is derived by multiplying together two lots of the basic quantities - lengths.

What are derived quantities what are the fundamental quantities?

Fundamental quantities are quantities that can be measured such as mass, length and temperature. Derived quantities are quantities that has to be calculated such as pressure, volume and work done.AnswerThe SI does not define 'fundamental quantity', instead it uses the term 'Base Unit'. All other units are 'Derived Units', so-called because they are each derived from combinations of Base Units.

Quantity that is not derived?

It is called a base quantity.However, the distinction between a base quantity and a derived quantity is often not clear. For example, the second and metre are meant to be the base units for time and length. But the metre itself is defined in terms of the distance travelled by light, through vacuum, in 1/299,792,458 of a second. Consequently, a metre itself can be considered a derived unit.

Is the unit of speed a basic unit or a derived unit?

It is a derived unit. It measure distance traveled per unit of time. For example meter per second or m/s. Speed or velocity as it is sometimes called is derived from the units for distance and time.

How do you find the area around a rectangle?

Add the length and the width together. Then multiply it by two. You did it! This is also called the perimeter.

What is rectangle called which is equilateral?

The rectangle which is equilateral is called as square.

What is a four sided rectangle called?

It is called a rectangle!

Could a rectangle be called a square?

no, but a square can be called a rectangle.

What is the ratio known as the Golden Mean also called the Fibonacci Rectangle?

In order for two quantities to be in the Gold Ratio, also called the Golden Mean, then the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity has to be equal to the ratio of the larger quantity, to the smaller one. The Mathematical value of the Golden Mean is 1.6180339887.

What is a Squashed rectangle with no right angles called?

What is a squashed rectangle called

Why is pressure a derived quantity?

Pressure is considered a derived quantity because it is calculated from fundamental quantities (force and area). Pressure is defined as force per unit area, so it cannot be measured directly but is derived from other measurements.