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for Apex: the variable is an experiment that is manipulated by the scientist.

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Ison White

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The factors in an experiment that is deliberately changed!!!!! APEX

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Q: What describes an independent variableWhich of the following describes an independent variable?
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Is an independent variable a noun?

The term 'independent variable' is a noun phrase; the adjective 'independent' describes the noun 'variable'.

Which describes the independent variable in an experiment?

The variable that is changed by experimenter.

Which statement describes the independent variable?

The independent variable is freely set by the experimenter, whereas, the dependent variable (presumably) depends of values of the independent variable.

Which describes the variable that is changed to test the prediction?


What describes the independent variable?

It is the variable you can pick or have control over.

What describes a independent variable?

An independent variable is the variable of the experiment that the dependent variable depends on. For example, in an experiment testing the effects of soil quality on a plant's growth, the dependent variable would be the plant's growth and the independent variable would be the quality of the soil.

What describes the variable that is changed to test the prediction?

The independent (or explanatory) variable is changed to test the prediction,

Which of the following is the independent variable in Omar's experiment?

the type of gas used

Which of the following is the dependent variable in this experiment?

The independent variable is the one that the experimenter changes, and the dependent variable is the response. For example - if you were doing an experiment about the affect of temperature on growth rates: Temperature = Independent variable Growth = Dependent variable

What best describes the relationship between a dependent variable and an independent variable in a scientific investigation?

The independent variable is what you are changing in the experiment to get varied results. The dependent variable is the result of what you have changed. So the dependent variable depends on the independent variable. For example, if you are experimenting with the effect of water on height of a plant, the different amounts of water that you give the plant is the independent variable. The height of the plant that you measure as the result of the water is the dependent variable.

What is the manipulating variable the dependent variable or the independent variable?

The independent variable.

Independent and independent variable in sentence?

Changes in the independent variable are independent of changes in any other variable,

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